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Advising Information

Course Requirements for the Minor

Students must complete 18 credit hours for the Gender Studies minor. Make sure to check the Course Schedule for specific course offerings. Students should take all of the following core courses (9 credits):

  • GNDR 240: Gender, Race, Class, and Sexuality
    • Generally offered every Spring semester
  • GNDR 285: Gender in Global and Cross-Cultural Perspectives
    • Generally offered every semester
  • GNDR 350: Feminist Theories
    • Generally offered every Fall semester

The remaining nine credits may be elective credits, offered through a variety of departments and programs. At least one elective (3 credits) must be selected from these courses:

  • GNDR 300: History of Feminism
    • Generally offered in odd-numbered Spring semesters
  • GNDR 320: Gender in Popular Culture 
    • Generally offered in odd-numbered Fall semesters
  • GNDR 380: Queer Studies 
    • Generally offered in even-numbered Spring semesters
  • GNDR 414: Masculinities 
    • Generally offered in even-numbered Fall semesters

The remaining courses (6 credits) may be taken from the courses above, or selected from the list of approved electives available in the University Catalog. Other electives offered through the Gender Studies program include:

  • GNDR 101: Gender and Society
    • Generally offered every semester
  • GNDR 395: Topics in Gender Studies
    • Offered sporadically based on faculty availability
  • GNDR 422: Directed Studies 
    • Offered sporadically based on student need
  • *GNDR 492: Internship 
    • Offered every semester

*Students are especially encouraged to complete an internship as part of their elective credits. Internships are available at a variety of on- and off-campus locations. If you are interested in an internship, please contact any of our faculty!