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About PUGS

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Popularizing Undergraduate Gender Studies (PUGS) provides students with an opportunity to share their work and ideas around Gender, Gender Studies and Culture. Published student work, including relevant photo essays, write ups from classes, interviews with the community and faculty members, and other gender-related work will be showcased here. Our focus at PUGS is to extend conversations around gender and gender dynamics and popularize the application of feminist lenses in the classroom and outside world. 

In the future, PUGS will aim to encourage collaborations around and outside the campus to create a broader outreach in disseminating research and conversations around Gender Studies.

The project was originally conceptualized by Dr. Ather Zia. In collaboration with undergraduate students Emma Rogers and Dani Thompson, PUGS was born. Emma and Dani are responsible for giving the website its name, which turned out pretty cool! PUGS hopes to create more visibility for Gender Studies across the UNC campus and the outside community.

Disclaimer: The opinion expressed in each article is the opinion of its author and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the PUGS editors, Gender Studies program, or UNC. Therefore, PUGS e-zine carries no responsibility for the opinion expressed thereon.