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GSA Newsletter: November 26, 2019

UNC/CSU Researcher Exchange
The GSA has been working with Colorado State University’s Graduate Student Council since Spring 2019 to coordinate an exchange program between universities. Speakers from UNC and CSU can visit the other institution to present their research to interested parties.
UNC Researchers Going to CSU:

karina sanchez kyle kemats Nicholas Dix Zvi Murry
Left to right:
Karina Sanchez, Biological Education, Ph.D. Friday, Nov. 8, noon. CSU National Research Ecology Laboratory “Soup & Science” seminar
Kyle Kemats, Chemistry Education, Ph.D. Thursday, Nov. 21, 3 p.m. Will present in CSU’s Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Department on Flow State Experiences
Nicholas Dix, Higher Education & Student Affairs Leadership, Ph.D. To present Assessing Transformative Experience: Preemptively Addressing “When will I use this in the real world?” to CSU faculty/staff
Zvi Murry, Biological Sciences: Thesis, M.S. Monday, Jan. 27, 2020, 10 a.m. at MRB Building. Presenting at Biology department’s weekly seminar on zebrafish eye development

University Center Poster Displays
The GSA is selecting two graduate students a month to have their research posters displayed in the University Center. Display boards are next to the UNC Bookstore. Interested applicants can contact the GSA’s admin assistant Francis.To@unco.edu 

Graduate Student Participants:

Annabel Li Sara Movahedazarhouligh Adam Ruff Drew Olson
Left to right:
Annabel Li, School Psychology, Ph.D.
Sara Movahedazarhouligh, Special Education, Ph.D.
Adam Ruff, Mathematics Education, Ph.D.
Drew Olson, Biological Sciences: Thesis, M.S.

GSA Grant Cycle 2 Tagline Winner
Grant applicants in cycle 2 (Sept. 1-Dec. 31) submitted their most creative taglines for their research/presentations. Here are the rankings from the GSA’s Grant Review Committee.

Drew Olson Brian Fowler Nick Harman Aspen King Hend Aljobaily
Left to right:
First Place: Drew Olson, Biological Sciences: Thesis, M.S.
"Aphid masterminds: How aphids have their cake and eat it too"

Second Place: Brian Fowler, Sport and Exercise Science: Sport Administration, Ph.D.
"How to spend $100 million dollars. The best method to create a winning NBA team"

Third Place: Nick Harman, Sport and Exercise Science: Exercise Physiology, Ph.D.
"Outperforming cancer; one dumbbell, one cell at a time"

Fourth Place: Aspen King, Biological Education, Ph.D.
"To the gut… and beyond? Examining lymphocyte migration upon aryl hydrocarbon receptor activation"

Fifth Place: Hend Aljobaily, Applied Statistics and Research Methods, Ph.D.
"NORMality is not the NORM anymore"

UNC Dissertation Prep & Writing Intensive
GSA members Dannon Cox (SES: Sport Pedagogy, Ph.D.), David Shimokawa (SES: Sport Administration, Ph.D.), and Margaret Sebastian (Higher Education & Student Affairs Leadership, Ph.D.) presented “Taking care of yourself” session at the Dissertation prep workshop on Nov. 15. Panel/group discussion on work/life/school balance, managing academic relationships, imposter syndrome, etc. Special thanks to Letha Mellman (Technology, Innovation and Pedagogy, Ph.D.) for coordinating this workshop.

Dannon Cox Letha Mellman Margaret Sebastian
Left to Right:
Dannon Cox, SES: Sport Pedagogy, Ph.D.
Letha Mellman, Technology, Innovation and Pedagogy, Ph.D.
Margaret Sebastian, Higher Education & Student Affairs Leadership, Ph.D.

Graduate Student Presentation Announcements
If possible, all GSA grant applicants have their presentation and/or research information posted to the GSA Facebook page before their scheduled presentation. Conference, industry, location-relevant hashtags are researched and added to posts when possible. After presentations, the GSA follows up with attendees to collect photos and write-ups of their conference experience to post on GSA social media. Online interaction (likes, comments and shares) with announcements/posts increases graduate students' visibility. All graduate students are encouraged to interact with their classmates and/or fellow graduate students' academic posts. 
GSA Facebook Page 

GSA Technology Grant
The GSA recently obtained a $2,457.40 in technology grant funding from the UNC Student Senate for the purchase of various technology for the Graduate Student Association. New items available to graduate students will include microphones, a digital recorder, portable document scanner, USB portable monitor, a Bluetooth tablet controller, Bluetooth keyboard, megaphone and a charging station locker.

GSA Rental Equipment
The GSA maintains a small inventory of rental equipment for graduate students to check out for free. Items include microphones, power banks, Logitech Spotlight presentation remotes, transcription foot pedals, poster travel tubes and travel power converter. Check out items on the GSA website.

Lunch with the GSA
The GSA holds several on-campus lunch gatherings for graduate students from various programs to meet and discuss GSA initiatives and life in graduate school. Faculty and/or staff members are invited to attend. Thank you to Marissa Boston and Andrew Wesselmann (Graduate School & International Admissions) for being non-graduate student attendees. If you are interested in attending lunch with the GSA, please contact Margaret.Sebastian@unco.edu (Higher Education & Student Affairs Leadership, Ph.D.) for Thursday lunches and Brittney.Morgan@unco.edu (Chemical Education, Ph.D.) for Friday lunches.

Brittney Morgan margaret-sebastian andrew-wesselmann marissa boston
Left to right:
Brittney Morgan, Chemical Education, Ph.D.
Margaret Sebastian, Higher Education & Student Affairs Leadership, Ph.D.
Andrew Wesselmann, Graduate School & International Admissions
Marissa Boston, Graduate School & International Admissions

Schedule of events:

GSA Grants Overview
Cycle 1: July 1-Aug. 31, 2019

  • 28 applications received
  • 25 applications funded.

Cycle 1 Application Types:

  • 18 presentations
  • 7 research projects
  • 3 conference attendees

Cycle 1 Campus Representation:

  • 26 applications from Greeley Campus
  • 2 applications from online Extended Campus
  • 0 application from Loveland
  • 0 applications from Denver
  • 0 applications from Colorado Springs

Cycle 1 College Representation:

  • Education & Behavioral Sciences: 14 applications
  • Natural & Health Sciences: 11 applications
  • Performing & Visual Arts: 2 applications
  • Humanities & Social Sciences: 1 application
  • Monfort College of Business: 0 applications

Cycle 1 Program Representation:

  • Biological Education, Ph.D., 6 applications
  • Applied Statistics & Research Methods, Ph.D., 5 applications
  • Counseling Psychology, Ph.D., 4 applications
  • Biological Sciences: Thesis, M.S., 2 applications
  • Educational Psychology, Ph.D., 2 applications
  • Nursing Education, Ph.D., 2 applications
  • Applied Statistics & Research Methods, M.S., 1 application
  • Art & Design, M.A., 1 application
  • Chemistry: Research, M.S., 1 application
  • History, M.A., 1 application
  • Music: Performance, D.A., 1 application
  • School Psychology, Ph.D., 1 application
  • Special Education, Ph.D., 1 application

Cycle 1 Total Funding Requested: $31,724.89

Cycle 2: Sept. 1-Dec. 31, 2019

  • 42 applications received
  • 38 applications funded

Cycle 2 Application Types:

  • 25 presentations
  • 14 research projects
  • 3 conference attendees

Cycle 2 Campus Representation:

  • 39 applications from Greeley Campus
  • 2 applications from online Extended Campus
  • 1 application from Denver
  • 0 application from Loveland
  • 0 applications from Colorado Springs

Cycle 2 College Representation:

  • Education & Behavioral Sciences: 12 applications
  • Natural & Health Sciences: 30 applications
  • Performing & Visual Arts: 0 applications
  • Humanities & Social Sciences: 0 application
  • Monfort College of Business: 0 applications

Cycle 2 Program Representation:

  • SES: Exercise Physiology, Ph.D., 7 applications
  • Biological Sciences: Thesis, M.S., 5 applications
  • SES: Sport Administration, Ph.D., 4 applications
  • Biological Education, Ph.D. , 3 applications
  • Educational Mathematics, Ph.D., 3 applications
  • Special Education, Ph.D., 3 application
  • Applied Statistics & Research Methods, Ph.D., 2 applications       
  • Educational Studies, Ed.D., 2 applications
  • Higher Ed & Student Affairs Leadership, Ph.D., 2 applications
  • Public Health, MPH, 2 applications
  • SES: (PE PAL), Ph.D., 2 applications
  • SES: Social Psychology of Sport, Ph.D., 2 applications
  • Chemistry: Thesis, M.S., 1 application
  • Counselor Ed & Supervision, Ph.D., 1 application
  • School Psychology, Ph.D., 1 application
  • Speech-Language Pathology, M.A., 1 application
  • Technology, Innovation, & Pedagogy, Ph.D., 1 application

Cycle 2 Total Funding Requested: $40,513.04

Cycle 2 Average Amounts Requested:

  • For out-of-state conferences: $1,101.17
  • For in-state conferences: $455.08
  • For research projects: $976.18

Hourly Graduate Assistant Position Opening
Starting Jan. 13, 2020 in the Department of Geography, GIS and Sustainability
Information PDF


Graduate Student News Wanted
Do you have exciting news to share from your program or personal life? The GSA is looking for graduate achievements to mention in our newsletter and on our websites. Please send any info to GSA Administrative Assistant Francis.To@unco.edu