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GSA Newsletter: October 28, 2019

UNC Strategic Planning
The Office of the President is currently working on a strategic planning process for the university. This fall, the Office of the President is concentrating on developing a vision to discuss with the Board of Trustees. Next spring a set of goals will be drafted for the Board of Trustees to consider. 

The planning process has already begun, with campus forums and external discussions, to exchange views on what UNC should aspire to be in 10 years. Campus forums were recently conducted in which participants were grouped by their individual roles (undergraduate students, graduate students, adjunct faculty, tenured faculty, etc.). The feedback from these forums is being summarized by the Social Research Lab and will be used in drafting a vision for UNC for 2020-2030.

Forum/Survey Participants by Role Designation:

  • Undergraduate Students: 278
  • Graduate Students: 60
  • Faculty: 222
  • Staff: 309
  • Other: 30

Grant Cycle 2 Tagline Contest: People’s Choice Winner
Cycle 2 GSA grant applicants had the opportunity to provide a creative tagline (15 words max.) that described their research or presentation. After voting through the GSA Facebook page, here are the top 10 rankings:

  1. Viva Rase, Biological Sciences: Thesis, M.S.
    “Uncovering the breadth of immune response elicited by breast cancer in order to improve survivorship.”
  2. Neil Balchan, Biological Sciences: Thesis, M.S.
    “Why do some animals die following a rattlesnake bite, while others can walk away unscathed?”
  3. Danielle Wong, SES: Social Psychology of Sport & Physical Activity, Ph.D.
    “Female collegiate swimmer’s choice in swimsuit tan lines while conforming to societal body image confines”
  4. Aspen King, Biological Education, Ph.D.
    “To the gut… and beyond? Examining lymphocyte migration upon aryl hydrocarbon receptor activation.”
  5. Drew Olson, Biological Sciences: Thesis, M.S.
    “Aphid masterminds: How aphids have their cake and eat it too.”
  6. Hend Aljobaily, Applied Statistics and Research Methods, Ph.D.
    “NORMality is not the NORM anymore”
  7. Lea Haverbeck, SES: Exercise Physiology, Ph.D.
    “Run, fight, don’t hide from cancer!”
  8. Nicholas Harman, SES: Exercise Physiology, Ph.D.
    “Outperforming cancer; one dumbbell, one cell at a time.”
  9. Eric Januszkiewicz, Biological Education, Ph.D.
    “Nothing makes sense in venom composition except in light of transcriptomics”
  10. Angela Rockwell, Applied Statistics and Research Methods, Ph.D.
    “When picking a sustainability culture instrument, do as I say, not as I did.”

Remaining entrants (in alphabetical order by first name)

  1. Adam Ruff, Educational Mathematics, Ph.D.
    “Better understanding of students’ perceptions of feedback could lead to better feedback and increased learning.”
  2. Brian Fowler, SES: Sport Administration, Ph.D.
    “How to spend $100 million dollars. The best method to create a winning NBA team.”
  3. Brianna Kelly Robles, Public Health, MPH
    “Investigating gaps in sexual knowledge and the degree of sexual risk-taking among ethnic groups”
  4. Jana Forster, Chemistry: Thesis, M.S.
    “A novel compound is being used to explore ways to treat cancer.”
  5. Kaitlyn Millen, Special Education, Ph.D.
    “Putting students in the driver’s seat: Self-determination in youth who are deaf/hard of hearing”
  6. Lee Arakawa, SES: Social Psychology of Sport & Physical Activity, Ph.D.
    “Teachers and coaches have power over the learning environments they create which affects students/players”
  7. Melissa Lafferty, Higher Education & Student Affairs Leadership, Ph.D.
    “Being Mindful of Ancient Practices for Today’s College Student”
    “Collaboration creates connections between campus and community”
  8. Raquel Busekrus, SES: Exercise Physiology, Ph.D.
    “Creatine supplementation potentially attenuates doxorubicin toxicity and chemotherapy side effects.”


Seeking Research Posters for Display at University Center
The GSA will be creating an area at the University Center to display research posters on a monthly basis. Any UNC graduate student wanting to display their research poster(s) should contact GSA Administrative Assistant Francis.To@unco.edu to put their name on the waiting list.

 margaret sebastian  brittney morgan

Lunch with the GSA
Join your fellow graduate students for the GSA’s monthly lunch gathering. All programs are invited. Hosted by GSA Assistant Director of Campus Community & Climate, Margaret Sebastian (left, Higher Education & Student Affairs Leadership, Ph.D) and GSA Graduate Council appointee, Brittney Morgan (right, Chemical Education, Ph.D.). First reserved, first served for available meal swipes from the GSA. Please RSVP directly with Margaret or Brittney and only register if you guarantee you can attend. Meet at the dining hall cashier.

2019-2020 Schedule:

margaret sebastian

GSA Breakfast Club
Join your fellow graduate students for weekend breakfast. All programs are invited. Hosted by GSA Assistant Director of Campus Community & Climate, Margaret Sebastian. Please RSVP directly with Margaret and only register if you guarantee you can attend. Meet at the location entrance at 9:30 a.m. RSVP: margaret.sebastian@unco.edu 

2019-2020 Schedule:

  • Jan. 25, Doug’s Diner (Greeley)
  • Feb. 22, Loveland Breakfast Club (Loveland)

bomin paek brittney morgan zvi murry

Graduate Student Representation on Graduate Council
Link to Graduate Council webpage

For the 2019-2020 academic year, the GSA will be represented on Graduate Council by Bomin Paek (left, SES: Sport Administration, Ph.D.), Brittney Morgan (middle, Chemical Education, Ph.D.) and Zvi Murry (right, Biological Sciences: Thesis, M.S.). Bomin is a returning Graduate Council member while Brittney and Zvi are new. The Graduate Council is a representative faculty council established to act on behalf of the graduate faculty in the governance of graduate programs at UNC. The overall purpose of the council is to study and recommend policy on matters regarding graduate faculty, graduate students and graduate studies at UNC. All graduate students are welcome to attend Graduate Council meetings (schedule link). For more information or to bring graduate student concerns to Graduate Council, please contact your representatives:

hoyoon jung 

Graduate Students at Faculty Senate
Link to Faculty Senate webpage

For the 2019-2020 academic year, Faculty Senate meetings will be attended by Hoyoon Jung (SES: Sport Administration, Ph.D.). This is Hoyoon’s second year attending Faculty Senate meetings on behalf of the GSA. The Faculty Senate serves as the delegate assembly of the voting faculty at UNC. While Faculty Senate does not currently allow official representation or voting rights for graduate students, Hoyoon will be attending Faculty Senate meetings to seek out pertinent information for graduate students, particularly information involving graduate teaching assistants. All graduate students are welcome to attend Faculty Senate meetings. For more information, or to bring graduate student concerns to Faculty Senate, please contact: Hoyoon Jung, hoyoon.jung@unco.edu 

oluwagbenga agboola 

GSA Appointee to Faculty Research & Publications Board
Link to Faculty Research & Publications Board webpage

For the 2019-2020 academic year, the Graduate Student Association is proud to announce Oluwagbenga “David” Agboola has been named the GSA appointee to the UNC Faculty Research & Publications Board (FRPB). The FRPB is a board of representative faculty that meets to encourage and support faculty research, publications, scholarly activities and artistic productions. FRPB members review and decide on funding for UNC faculty members’ research and artistic productions and select UNC’s Distinguished Scholar from faculty nominees. David has full voting rights on the FRPB and as the GSA appointee, he is the only non-faculty member on the Board. For questions, concerns or more information about the FRPB, please contact: Oluwagbenga “David” Agboola, oluwagbenga.agboola@unco.edu 

nicholas dix 

Graduate Academic Appeals Board (AAB) Representatives Wanted
The GSA is in the process of bringing new members into its pool of graduate students to serve on the Academic Appeals Board. Faculty and graduate student AAB members overhear cases and make decisions on graduate academic appeals (grade disputes, program terminations, etc.). Responsibilities to the AAB are on-demand as there is no guarantee of how many appeals make it to the AAB in a given year. A large pool of members is necessary to ensure that scheduling demands can be met. The GSA is looking for graduate students with knowledge of graduate education and research, who are comfortable asking questions about cases, and will not be intimidated by faculty members during hearings. To apply, contact GSA Assistant Director of Graduate Rights & Appeals, Nicholas.Dix@unco.edu 

Current GSA Academic Appeals Board Representatives:

  • Ann-Elizabeth Nash, Biological Education, Ph.D.
  • Amanda Jacobs, Educational Psychology, Ph.D.
  • Dannon Cox, SES: Sport Pedagogy, Ph.D.
  • David Shimokawa, SES: Sport Administration, Ph.D.
  • Ivan Wayne, Educational Psychology, Ph.D.
  • Kathryn LaFary, Educational Psychology, Ph.D.
  • Margaret Sebastian, Higher Education & Student Affairs Leadership, Ph.D.
  • Nicholas Dix, Higher Education & Student Affairs Leadership, Ph.D.
  • Nicholas Harman, SES: Exercise Physiology, Ph.D. 

GSA Coffee Mug Giveaway Winners
Congratulations to the following lucky graduate students that won coffee mugs through the GSA’s Facebook Page giveaway. Be sure to like and follow the GSA’s Facebook page to be eligible for prize giveaways in the future. Congratulations to:

  • Lindsey Diane
  • Phan Thuy (Special Education)
  • Morgan Bradford (Leadership Coordinator)
  • Nouri Marrakchi (ASL and Interpreting Studies)
  • Lindsay Wilson
  • Angel Tran (HESAL)
  • Joie Games (Chemistry)
  • Louie Frank Cicchino (Biomechanics)
  • Brittney Jil (Chemistry Education)
  • Patrick Bussiere (HESAL)
  • Kayla Everdeen (School Psychology)
  • Salah Sharif (Clinical Exercise Physiology)!

UNC Center for Career Readiness (formerly Career Services)

Whether you are interested in pursuing a career in academia or exploring the broad range of other professional options, the Center for Career Readiness can help! As a current graduate or doctoral student, you have access to all of our services: career resources, career counseling appointments, career fairs and career events.

Rocky Mountain Regional Ethics Bowl: call for graduate student judges
College students from Colorado and surrounding states will take place on the University of Northern Colorado campus on Saturday, Nov. 16. Teams receive cases and prepare their initial responses prior to the bowl. Judges are needed to determine which teams are best able to explain and defend their solutions against alternatives proposed by other teams. Judging is a rewarding experience and a great way to help students develop the ethical deliberation skills they need to be thoughtful citizens and successful professionals. No specific experience or training is necessary, although judges should plan to review cases sometime before the event. Further training is providing the morning of the event. The time commitment is approximately 8-10 hours on the day of the event (8 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.). Lunch is provided for judges; complimentary dinner also available. Partial day commitments are also possible. To volunteer, contact Bailie.Peterson@unco.edu

bryson kelly 

GSA Weekly Study Group: Weldwerks
Tuesdays, starting Sept. 3
7-9 p.m.
Weldwerks Brewing

Join Bryson Kelly (SES: Social Psychology of Sport & Physical Activity, M.S.) at this weekly gathering of graduate students. Bryson will be grabbing a large table every Tuesday night at Weldwerks Brewing for those of you who don’t like to study alone. Students from all programs are welcome! For more info, contact Bryson.Kelly@unco.edu 

unc bjj 

UNC Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Club
Mondays & Wednesdays
6-8 p.m. (drop in / leave anytime)
UNC Wrestling Room @ Butler Hancock Arena
UNC BJJ Facebook page

Join the UNC Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu club for regular practices Monday and Wednesday evenings. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a ground-based/wrestling-type fighting system that utilizes a variety of holds and submissions (chokes, joint locks, etc.) and can be used in competition or for self-defense. Because you’re grappling and not punching or kicking anyone, you can practice at near 100% intensity without the type of injury or wear and tear on the body that you’d experience in other full-contact fighting arts. It’s great for all body shapes and sizes and a fun and exciting way to get a good workout. Come down and join fellow graduate students Amanda Bevan and Karina Sanchez. UNC BJJ club is open to all UNC students, faculty, and staff members and it is currently free to participate. For more information, contact David.Shimokawa@unco.edu or feel free to stop by during practice. 


Graduate student news wanted
Do you have exciting news to share from your program or personal life? The GSA is looking for graduate achievements to mention in our newsletter and on our websites. Please send any info to GSA Administrative Assistant Francis.To@unco.edu