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GSA Newsletter: April 18, 2021

virtual office hours
GSA Office Hours to Remain Virtual Until Further Notice
Due to COVID-19, the Graduate Student Association (GSA) office hours will remain virtual until further notice. If you wish to schedule a meeting with the GSA Director or other members of the GSA, please email david.shimokawa@unco.edu.  



Graduate Student Appreciation Week (GSAW)
Thank you to everyone that participated in Graduate Student Appreciation Week! Out of nearly 3,000 graduate students at UNC, just 15 were nominated by faculty / staff as outstanding graduate students. Here is the list of outstanding graduate students (alphabetical by first name):

Alexis Hauck
Program: Counselor Education and Supervision, Ph.D.

Nominator, Angela Vaughan: "Although Allie is a student herself, she continuously works to support undergraduate and graduate student success on this campus. As the lead instructor for UNIV 101, she has supported other doctoral students who serve as instructors of record in the program. Not only does she model excellence in teaching, but she generously offers her time and ideas to other instructors whenever they need help. As the Class Leader Coordinator (peer mentor program within UNIV 101), she has helped promote the success of both first-time freshmen students and the success of the peer mentors. In looking to improve this program, Allie has instituted new initiatives that have improved communication, resources and the support that these students need to achieve at high levels; however, it is usually at the cost of more time and effort on her part. Again, she is generous with her time and does not hesitate to step up to support others. As an instructor herself, a comment from one of her freshmen students this past fall, really reflects how students perceive her, “Allie was incredibly kind, considerate, and patient. She genuinely cares about her students' success and teaches in an effective manner. She keeps the class engaging and connected. This is the only class in which I knew everyone's names.” As someone who is also on her dissertation committee, I know that Allie devotes a significant amount of time to her own studies and excels in each of her endeavors. The graduate school also recognizes her efforts and has invited her multiple times to provide sessions for the other graduate students during the summer GTA conference. She is truly an example of someone who can successfully balance many different roles and commitments and I am excited that she will have an impact on higher education for many years to come."

Amanda Bevan
Program: Biological Education, Ph.D.

Nominator, Yuyan Han: "Amanda has been doing great as a lab coordinator for bio245, which supports more than 300 students per year. During the pandemic, she has been helping to transit all learning materials from in-person to online, which includes but not limited to create a homework, making syllabus and online studying policy, making practicals and keys. She has a very strong work ethic that is ready to support other TAs all the time. Besides lab management and course transition, she also provided strong support as a TA. Her session always has excellent student evaluation and good academic performance from students. She is confident and active in a resilient way during the pandemic. Whenever any problem comes out, she will communicate with me with possible suggestions. If I as the course instructor decided to go with a decision, she will fully execute it and supported it. Amanda also made a significant contribution towards the standardization of bio245 lab across sessions. She helped drafted all announcements and make sure TAs are on the same page during the TA meeting. In summary, Amanda deserves the outstanding award. She is a very reliable student worker as lab coordinator and a TA."

Amber Heidbrink
Program: Chemical Education, Ph.D.

Nominator, Melissa Weinrich: "Thank you for all the work you do as a graduate student. You were an excellent TA and the students benefited from your passion in chemistry. It has been truly wonderful to get to work with you over the past few years. You are a highly organized and thoughtful researcher. In the research group, your insightful comments have helped others better organize their research and prepare for orals and proposals. To the department, you have been excellent at proposing new ideas and communicating ways to improve the department. I wish you all the best in your postdoc and future work. Always remember that my mentorship to you doesn’t end here. Let me know how it’s going by email and I look forward to sitting down with you for a meal at conferences in the future. I look forward to seeing you become a key figure in CER."

Anna Margiotta
Program: Chemical Education, Ph.D.

Nominator, Melissa Weinrich: "Thank you for all the work you do as a graduate student. You are an excellent TA and the students benefit from your passion in chemistry. In research, you have put together a research project that is highly important for the future of the field of CER. I thought I could take this moment to remind you that at a recent conference another chemistry education researcher came up to me and let me know that they interacted with you at the WSCEG conference and were impressed by your research. Your research is valued in CER. I look forward seeing you progress through your data analysis this year and seeing you become a key figure in CER in the coming years."

Brittney Morgan
Program: Chemical Education, Ph.D.

Nominator, Melissa Weinrich: "Thank you for all the work you do as a graduate student. You are an excellent TA and the students benefit from your passion in chemistry. In research, you have put together a research project that is highly important for the future of the field of CER. I thought I could take this moment to remind you that during the Gordon conference other chemistry education researchers came up to me and let me know that they interacted with you and found your ideas to be insightful. Your research is valued. In the research group, your insightful comments have helped others better organize their research. I look forward to diving into your data analysis with you and seeing you become a key figure in CER in the coming years."

Emily Royse
Program: Biological Education, Ph.D.

Nominator, Emily Holt: "Emmy is an outstanding graduate student because she is an invested and dedicated educator, she is a driven and supportive community member, and she is a competent and creative researcher. First, Emmy takes her teaching very seriously and seeks any opportunity to identify ways to improve learning for her students. She will spend hours formulating careful feedback to provide her students and likewise evaluating whether it is meaningful and results in student gains. Second, throughout the pandemic Emmy has been a vocal leader and advocate for graduate student issues. She noted the inequities experienced by graduate students, not only on our campus but across the nation. Emmy spearheaded and organized efforts to gain better recognition for the work that our valuable GTAs serve in our instructional community, but also fought for rights our GTAs deserve. Finally, Emmy is a curious and effective biology education researcher. She is always spotting new research questions and has a broad range of experiences, such that she is proficient in both qualitative and quantitative research. Her expertise is sought out by other graduate students on our campus and external researchers. I have no doubt that Emmy will be a leader in her field."

Jeremy Quick
Program: Music, M.A.

Nominator, Sandy Gelatt: "Jeremy is one of older and unique student employees. He balances not only work and school but also a family, including two younger children. He is fully committed to and balances all these aspects of his life. He cares with him a great sense of responsibility and dedication. Jeremy has been an outstanding employee, while working in the Mail Services/Warehouse, at UNC. He is a prime example of superior integrity and dependability. Jeremy quickly learned our routines and supported the two departments tremendously throughout the ever-changing times of COVID. He has been a great leader to the other students on staff. I only wish he did not have to leave us. He will be very difficult to replace. Student staff members, like Jeremy, rarely come around!"

Kristofer Reiser
Program: Chemical Education, Ph.D.

Nominator, Melissa Weinrich: "Thank you for all the work you do as a graduate student. You are an excellent TA and the students benefit from your passion in chemistry. In research, you have put together a research project that is highly important for the future of the field of CER. In the research group, you ask great questions that have definitely helped your peers prepared for defenses, proposals, and orals. To the department, you have been excellent at proposing new ideas and communicating ways to improve the department. I look forward to mentoring you through data collection and analysis and seeing you find your place CER in the coming years."

Marisa Hisaki
Program: Sport and Exercise Science: Sport Administration, M.S.

Nominator, Ben Portie: "Marisa is on the UNC women’s golf team and been an outstanding student for five years here at UNC. She is has been an Academic All- American for women’s golf, our team leader, top scoring average, and senior captain. She hopped right into her studies again after graduation last May, and fast tracked her masters degree, hopefully in early July. All while competing at the highest level of college golf. She loves UNC and being a Bear. She volunteers her time in the community and will help me with anything needed. She has been a great role model for all of her teammates and future Bears."

Miranda Martino
Program: School Psychology, Ph.D. 

Nominator, Cristin Turner: "I don't know where to begin describing how outstanding Miranda is. I have been so honored to be her supervisor in her Graduate Assistant role. Miranda's work ethic is unmatched. I legitimately don't understand how she accomplishes so much in a day. Every day of Miranda's week is filled between her 18 hours in her GA role, a second job, her school placements as part of her school psychology training, supervising a practicum, and her studies. And yet she still finds time to be an incredible friend, partner, and cat mom to her loved ones. Miranda shows up for people. Simple as that. As an employee and colleague, she anticipates what needs to be done and thinks miles ahead of the rest of us. She is the first one at work and often stops in on her days off because she loves what we do! She makes time to come in and meet with students in her off hours and is willing to meet them where they are it, literally and figuratively. She organizes and does outreaches to programs and student organizations that may experience barriers to accessing our services. None of this is required of her, she just wants us to reach every student who we could possibly help! Miranda is so incredibly passionate about her studies in School Psychology and transfers her knowledge in skill to her work every day. She has such a natural way of connecting with students. They feel safe to go to Miranda for support and know that if she can't help, she will listen intently and connect them with what they need. Our students and staff will miss Miranda immensely when it is time for her to graduate and move on. She has brought such joy and creativity to our team and will leave a big hole. But wherever she goes next will be so lucky to have her!"

Oluwagbenga David Agboola
Program: Applied Statistics and Research Methods, Ph.D.

Nominator, Bailie Peterson: "David Agboola is a Ph.D. student in Applied Statistics and Research Methods. He began his program here in the fall of 2018, but I first met David during the summer of 2020, when he became an indispensable research assistant. I am a philosopher and wanted to collect data and analyze the perspectives of first-generation students when they enter their first philosophy course. My field does not conduct statistical analysis, and when he began assisting me with data collection and analysis, it became clear how little I knew, and how much help I needed to get my project off of the ground. This week, I am presenting my results at an national conference, and I would not be able to confidently display my results without David’s patience and skill. He created a report of the data that was crystal clear and accurate. He has also identified issues in other published work, signifying the need for these types of interdisciplinary interactions. Though these projects are not always easy, this project has already proven to be worthwhile. I was seeking a research assistant, but could not have imagined finding someone who would play such a large role in improving my research and also, finding opportunities for expansion. I was completely unsurprised to learn that he has a 4.0 GPA despite taking very advanced and challenging courses. David is a diligent and conscientious student and researcher. He is incredibly intelligent, but also down to earth, with an infectious sense of humor (necessary, I might add, when a novice is trying to figure out how to use SPSS, or how to reverse-code data, when she has never undertaken any similar projects). David is also very flexible and willing to consider perspectives beyond the scope of his field. The project that he has been assisting me with cuts across multiple fields; statistical analysis, yes, but also, philosophy, pedagogy, and sociology. He has patiently endured many many conversations and attempts to bring understanding and increase the scope of our project. He has gone above and beyond, and is really an asset to anyone who is working in unfamiliar areas. David is also an adept and patient teacher, who is highly capable of breaking down challenging concepts, even for extreme beginners. His skillset adds so much to the university community, and we are quite lucky to have him in our midst. I think that his students are quite lucky to have a skilled teacher, and, perhaps even more importantly, a teacher who can create pathways for the uninitiated to explore and understand the material that may otherwise be out of their reach. David is also incredibly trustworthy and professional. I am confident that he will continue to be successful as he completes his studies at UNC and enters the workforce and will undoubtedly make a name for himself as a researcher. David is also a skilled table tennis player, and a newlywed, which has informed my prize suggestions. Please follow up if you have any additional questions, and consider David for this award."

Patrick Wilson
Program: Chemical Education, Ph.D.

Nominator, Melissa Weinrich: "Thank you for all the work you do as a graduate student. You are an excellent TA and the students benefit from your passion in chemistry. In research, you have put together a research project that is highly important for the future of the field of CER. In the research group, you ask great questions that have definitely helped your peers prepared for defenses, proposals, and orals. To the department, you have been a central figure to help other graduate student voice concerns, which you have held in a very professional manner. I look forward to mentoring you through data collection and analysis and seeing you find your place CER in the coming years."

Randi Spencer
Program: Sport and Exercise Science, Social Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity, M.S.

Nominator, Cami Mathews: "Randi Spencer has worked through all of the challenges these past two years. Moving from Utah and having no connections out here meant challenges started from the beginning. She was able to connect quickly with classmates and faculty/staff, creating connections that will last a lifetime. She elevated the work done in the Card Office, so much so that she was offered an additional student job with the COVID Response Team due to the recommendation from her employer. Randi has received countless shout-outs from guests to leadership to her peers. Those who work with Randi have seen her personality and spirit brightens everyone's day. She also pays attention to details and takes pride in her work, resulting in excellent customer service and quality each time she's on the clock. Her academics have been filled with ups and downs from outside influences, but her GPA remains perfect as she navigates each storm. I have never seen someone so dedicated to all that they do and have appreciated everything Randi has done for this university."

Sharra Weasler
Program: Educational Studies, Ed.D.

Nominator, Mandi Leigh: "Sharra is an outstanding educational theorist, researcher and collaborator. During our classes Sharra consistently critiques content from diverse theory perspectives in a manner that is intellectually stimulating and respectful. She pushes her peers' thinking by asking well crafted questions and proposing alternative viewpoints. In other words, she is a powerful agent of dialogue. I had the chance to work on a research project with Sharra; every step she brought rigor and deliberate methodology. We were a better research team because of her contributions and attention to detail. Collaborating with Sharra is a learning experience. She is always respectful and asks for consent in providing feedback. I wholeheartedly appreciate someone who provides honest, direct, and actionable feedback, Sharra does this during projects and during class discussions. I know that if she if offering suggestions, I should listen and take her advice seriously. Feedback is such powerful skill that is mastered by few, this makes Sharra worthy of the Outstanding Graduate Student Award."

Victoria Flores (two nominations)
Program: Sport and Exercise Science: Exercise Physiology, Ph.D. 

Nominator, Robert Brustad: "Victoria is an outstanding student currently being advised by Laura Stewart, Ph.D., in the area of Exercise Physiology within the School of Sport and Exercise Science. She is currently conducting challenging research into the study of cannabinoid utilization as a means of improving quality of life and psychological well being in cancer patients. This research is being conducted in the University of Northern Colorado Cancer Rehabilitation Institute which examines the effects of physical activity and other lifestyle behaviors on recovery and rehabilitation from various forms of cancer. Victoria is currently a student in my doctoral seminar course in Sport and Exercise Science and her breadth of knowledge across all related disciplines is quite impressive and noteworthy. I believe that she would be a most worthwhile candidate."

Nominator, Laura Stewart: "Victoria is an excellent doctoral student and embodies what I means to be a teacher scholar. In the three years that I have known Victoria, she has a positive attitude and is always a willing to try something new. Victoria's dissertation work is centered on exploring how CBD might affect males and females differently with respect to physical activity, cognitive health, as well as biomarkers of inflammation and neural health. Prior to the pandemic, she was engaged in research and volunteer work at UNCCRI. She volunteered her time training cancer survivors and providing phlebotomy services. She currently has a first author manuscript entitled "Structured Exercise in Cancer Survivors: Is It Enough for Neural, Mental Health and Well-being?" which was just published in Jan. 2021 in the International Journal of Exercise Science. She is also an author a a manuscript examining the influence of kefir on inflammation in cancer survivors in second revision at Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise. Victoria is also and excellent teacher. I have observed her teaching both lecture and lab courses. She holds students to a high standard while also making classes innovative and fun. Everyone in our group, including me, checks in with Victoria when we need a new way to jazz up our classes. Additionally, her students always talk about her positive, supportive attitude. We are lucky to have Victoria as a doctoral student here at UNC. We greatly appreciate her work with us. 

Out of all outstanding graduate student nominees, five students and their nominating faculty / staff member were randomly selected as prize winners. Congratulations to the following:

Monday's Prize Winners:
Alexis Hauck (Counselor Education and Supervision, Ph.D. program) and Angela Vaughan (Director, University 101)

Tuesday's Prize Winners:
Jeremy Quick (Music, M.A. program) and Sandy Gelatt (Mail Services)

Wednesday's Prize Winners:
Emily Royse (Biological Education, Ph.D. program) and Emily Holt (Associate Professor, Biological Sciences)

Thursday's Prize Winners:
Oluwagbenga David Agboola (Applied Statistics and Research Methods, Ph.D. program) and Bailie Peterson (Assistant Professor, Philosophy)

Friday's Prize Winners:
Miranda Martino (School Psychology, Ph.D. program) and Cristin Turner (Senior Access Coordinator, Disability Resource Center)


academic excellence unco gsa

2021 Research Day: Research Excellence Award Finalist Listings

Graduate Oral Natural and Health Sciences Finalists:

Brennen Karl (winner)
Tinnitus as an early warning sign of noise-induced hearing loss in industrial workers
Faculty Sponsor: Deanna Meinke

Stephanie Halvorson, Danielle Ananea, Charlie Wright and Emily McDonald
Recommendations to improve UNC alcohol-use prevention and intervention programming using eCHECKUP TO GO and the Health Belief Model
Faculty Sponsor: Rose Grose

Lea Haverbeck
Exercise Preconditioning Preserves Cardiac Function and Recovery Following Dobutamine Stimulation in Doxorubicin-Treated Rat Hearts
Faculty Sponsor: Reid Hayward

Graduate Oral Social Sciences, Education, Business Finalists:

Victoria Duncan (winner)
Reflections of self and curriculum: How we become inclusive STEM instructors
Faculty Sponsor: Emily Holt

Danielle Ananea
Using the Opioid Overdose Knowledge Scale and Opioid Overdose Attitudes Scale to Understand Student Opioid Response Knowledge Gaps at the University of Northern Colorado
Faculty Sponsor: Elizabeth Gilbert

Hoyoon Jung and Bomin Paek
Do Fans Care about Playoff Structure? The Impact of Playoff Format on Fan Demand in Major League Soccer
Faculty Sponsor: Yoon Tae Sun

Graduate Poster Natural and Health Sciences

Brandon Jones (winner)
Creatine supplementation does not alter proliferation or Doxorubicin sensitivity of mammary carcinoma cells
Faculty Sponsor: David Hydock

Jacob Kisiolek
Cannabidiol Alters Chemotherapy Drug Effectiveness in A Cell Culture Model
Faculty Sponsor: Laura Stewart

Tyler Bennett
Systemic Mycorrhiza-Induced Resistance in Blackeyed Pea
Faculty Sponsor: Susana Gomez

Graduate Poster Social Sciences, Education, Business

Michelle Gee (winner)
Influencers on the Choice of Nursing as a Career in Underrepresented Populations: An Integrative Review
Faculty Sponsor: Kathleen Dunemn

Jade Anderson, Sarah Karr and Julia Ybarra
The mediating effects of emotional self-efficacy on math anxiety and performance
Faculty Sponsor: Molly Jamesonreseardd

Graduate Poster Humanities and Arts

Brenna Timm (winner)
Don't Judge a Book by the Cover: The Evolution and Development of Book Cover Design
in Children's Literature
Faculty Sponsor: Kristin Bovaird-Abbo

dissertation fellowship unco gsa

Dissertation Fellowship

The Graduate School will sponsor a competitive fellowship program for doctoral students entering or currently in the dissertation stage of their program. The Dissertation Fellowship will provide:

    • A $20,000 stipend
    • Up to $8,220 in tuition waiver (up to $4,110 per semester based on number of enrolled credits;
      this is the equivalent cost of 6 XXX 799 dissertation credits at the resident tuition rate) 

To qualify, a student must:

    • Be currently/continuously enrolled in a UNC doctoral program in CEBS, NHS or PVA that requires
      a dissertation
    • Have successfully completed both written and oral comprehensive exams (with the results
      recorded by the Graduate School)
    • Have a successful proposal on record in the Graduate School by the spring semester deadline
      prior to the start of the fellowship (students may apply for the fellowship in anticipation of
      meeting the proposal deadline)
    • Have an outstanding academic record
    • Have the enthusiastic support of faculty
    • Submit a completed fellowship application and all related documents by the deadline

Application instructions here: https://www.unco.edu/graduate-school/pdf/forms/Dissertation-Fellowship-Instructions.pdf

Application here: https://www.unco.edu/graduate-school/pdf/forms/Dissertation-Fellowship-Application.pdf


Mobile Food Pantry
Tuesday, April 20
2–3:30 p.m.
Y-Parking Lot (behind Cesar Chaves Cultural Center)

The Weld Food bank truck will be coming to campus to distribute free fresh produce and baked goods to members of the UNC campus community. Special thanks to UNC Libraries Professor Annie Epperson for rounding up a team of volunteers from UNC Libraries to assist with loading food into students’ vehicles.

This is a drive-up mobile food pantry. When arriving at the Y-parking lot in your vehicle, follow staff / signage and drive up to the Food Bank truck. Volunteers will load food donations into your vehicle trunk. No income verification checks for students, faculty, or staff wanting to pick up food. Please help spread word to your fellow graduate students and undergraduate students. Y-parking lot is the large parking area northeast of Nottingham football field, behind the Cesar Chaves Cultural Center.

If you have any questions or are looking to volunteer, contact GSA Administrative Assistant Francis.To@unco.edu 


tuition increase unco

UNC Tuition and Fees Increasing

Link to Greeley Tribune article: https://www.greeleytribune.com/2021/04/09/unc-president-feinstein-planning-for-a-tuition-increase-for-undergraduate-students-in-2021-22/

Use your UNC Bear Mail to register for free access to the Greeley Tribune.

town hall unco gsa

UNC Budget Town Hall
Tuesday, April 20
10 a.m.-noon
Zoom (link not yet released)

On Tuesday, April 20, UNC President Andy Feinstein and Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration and Chief Financial Officer Michelle Quinn will host a Budget Town Hall to discuss the University of Northern Colorado’s current financial health, budget outlook and FY22 revenues, including proposed increases to tuition and fees. The town hall will be hosted on Zoom and is open to all members of the university community. 

Topics that will be covered include: 

  • UNC Financial Health History 
  • Current Year COVID-19 Financial Impact and Forecast 
  • Enrollment Outlook 
  • FY22 Revenue — including proposed changes in tuition rates, fees, and room and board, as well as the outlook for state funding and federal stimulus/relief funds
  • Multi-year Revenue Outlook 
  • FY22 Budget and Expenditure Priorities 

Time will be reserved for Q&A following the presentation and we look forward to responding to questions from students, faculty and staff.  

American Sign Language interpretation will be provided for this event.


GSA Meeting with President Feinstein
Wednesday, April 28
2:30–3:30 p.m.
Via Zoom (registered guests only)

UNC President Andy Feinstein would like to meet regularly with graduate students to answer questions and receive feedback from the graduate student population. The GSA is scheduling monthly meetings with the president in Spring 2021 and would like to have members of all colleges, the Greeley campus, the Loveland and Denver centers and online students in attendance.


mentoring unco gsa

Undergraduate Research Mentorship Program
From Luke Steinman, Counseling Psychology, Ph.D. program and the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs GA

The Office of Undergraduate Research, in collaboration with the Graduate School and the Office of Research, has created a new undergraduate research mentorship program that will provide funding and support for graduate students to mentor undergraduates in research and creative endeavors. Apply to be a mentor this summer! No research experience required for undergraduates. Applications are due April 29. To learn more visit https://www.unco.edu/office-undergraduate-research/undergraduate-research-mentorship-program/ 

book club unco gsa 

Graduate Student Book Club
From Victoria Duncan, Biological Education, Ph.D. program

Hello everyone! My name is Victoria Duncan, a Ph.D. student in Biology Education. This summer, I would like to start a book club discussing race, antiracism and white supremacy. This book club would be a safe space to work through these topics together, reflect on our identities, and share our experiences. I would like to meet during June and July, reading one book per month (dates TBD based on our schedules). The books I had in mind were: “How to Be an Antiracist” by Ibram X. Kendi and “Me and White Supremacy” by Layla Saad — but I am open to other reading suggestions, so please let me know. If you are interested, please contact me (victoria.duncan@unco.edu) and spread the word to others you think would be interested. I look forward to finding a group to read together!

Victoria Duncan

grant funding 

GSA Grant Cycle 04
Cycle 04 grant applications will be accepted between May 1-14. The new grant applications will be posted on the GSA website by May 1. Do not use applications from prior grant cycles.

Students can apply for GSA grant funding to help with the following expenses:

  • Conducting research (equipment, in-state travel, manpower expenses, printing, mailing, database access, etc.)
  • Submitting manuscripts for publication in academic journals (submission fees, printing, mailing, etc.)
  • Presenting at online conferences (registration, organization membership, equipment for presenting online, etc.)
  • Presenting in-person at conferences within Colorado (registration, organization membership, travel expenses, etc.)
  • Attending in-person conferences within Colorado (registration, organization membership, travel expenses, etc.)
  • Attending online conferences (registration, organization membership, equipment for online attendance, etc.)
  • Professional development (registration, in-state travel expenses, equipment, etc.)

If you missed a grant cycle application deadline earlier in the year, you can still apply during grant cycle 04 as long as your activity took place during the current fiscal year (between July 1, 2020-June 30, 2021). For example, if you began a research project in December 2020, but missed the Cycle 02 and 03 application deadlines, you can still apply for research funding in Cycle 04.

Contact GSA@unco.edu with questions. 

Complete list of Grant Cycle 03 applications (Excel)

Link: GSA Grant Funding

Contact Your Representatives / Leadership at UNC

UNC Graduate Student Association

UNC Student Senate

UNC President's Leadership Council

Contact Your Representatives / Leadership in Government

Greeley City Council

U.S. Senate (Colorado)

U.S. House of Representatives (Colorado)

U.S. President
President Joe Biden https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/ 

submit news
Graduate Student News Wanted
Do you have exciting news to share from your program or personal life? Been published or received an award? The GSA is looking for graduate achievements to mention in our newsletter and on our websites. Please send any info to GSA Administrative Assistant Francis.To@unco.edu