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Financial Aid Forms

 Financial Aid Forms

Bear Verification

The verification process at the University of Northern Colorado is completed online through the student’s Ursa account. Students and parents are able to use online based forms to complete verification and e-sign documents.

Verification is simply a process of comparing submitted documents to information listed on a FAFSA. The Department of Education randomly selects students for this process each year. You will be notified by our office if you are selected. All documents need to be submitted through Ursa

Obtain Non-Filing Letter instructions

Obtain Federal Tax Transcript instructions

2020-2021 Affidavit of Legal Dependent

2021-2022 Affidavit of Legal Dependent

Deadline for completing the verification process: If selected, the deadline for an otherwise eligible student to complete the verification process for all federal aid programs is the date established annually in the Federal Register or 120 days after the last day of the student's enrollment, whichever is earlier.

Cost of Attendance (COA) Adjustment form

Please use this Cost of Attendance (COA) Adjustment form if you would like to have your COA adjusted for any of the following items that exceed your budgeted UNC COA

-actual tuition/fees,
-additional housing expenses,
-additional educational costs (computer/instrument/other education related items),
-additional books and supplies over the budgeted amount,
-child or dependent care.

Loan Adjustment Form

Please use this Loan Adjustment Form if you would like your already accepted loans increased, decreased, or canceled. If you are requesting this for a PLUS loan, the Parent of the loan must request the increase, decrease, or cancellation. A picture ID will be required for any PLUS loan adjustments.


Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal

The Department of Education specifies that a student must be meeting SAP standards to continue to receive financial aid. Please see our "Maintaining your Aid" page for more information. 

Maximum Hours Appeal 

Complete this appeal form if you have attempted 150% of credits required for degree completion. 

For those who need to do an appeal:

  1. Log into URSA, go to the Financial tab and click on “Eligibility Requirements.”
  2. Select the "Ineligibility" hyperlink.
  3. Here you will be prompted to create a Bear Verification account for this process (username and password) if you haven't already.
  4. Once an account is created, you will see an option that says, “SAP Appeal”. Selecting this will direct you to the form. If you do not see the “SAP Appeal” option, select the blue link on the right side of the screen that says “Requests.” When you click on this you'll see the option to complete a Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal.
  5. After you read over the instructions you can complete the appeal form and upload any third-party documentation (Program Form for Maximum hours) you may have.

Orphan, Emancipated Minor, Legal Guardianship Form

Complete this electronic form on Ursa if you answered "yes" to one of the following questions on your FAFSA:

  • At any time since you turned age 13, were both your parents deceased, were you in foster care or were you a dependent or ward of the court?
  • As determined by a court in your state of legal residence, are
    you or were you an emancipated minor?
  • As determined by a court in your state of legal residence, are you or were you in legal guardianship?


Unaccompanied/Homeless Youth Form

Complete this electronic form on Ursa if you answered "Yes" if you received a determination at any time on or after July 1, 2019, that you were an unaccompanied youth who was homeless or at risk of being homeless.

  • "Homeless" means lacking fixed, regular and adequate housing. You may be homeless if you are living in shelters, parks, motels, hotels, public spaces, camping grounds, cars, abandoned buildings, or temporarily living with other people because you have nowhere else to go. Also, if you are living in any of these  situations and fleeing an abusive parent, you may be considered homeless even if your parent would otherwise provide a place to live.
  • "Unaccompanied" means you are not living in the physical custody of your parent or guardian. 
  • "Youth" means you are 21 years of age or younger or you are still enrolled in high school as of the day you sign this application. 


Professional Judgement - Special Circumstances 

Note: Professional Judgment requests for Fall 2021 will be available after April 1, 2021. 

If you or your parent(s) have been impacted financially by the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), or by other circumstances, either by loss of income, loss of employment, or other circumstances that significantly impact your or your family’s ability to pay for future educational expenses, the Office of Financial Aid may be able to take them into account. For more information, contact us at ofa@unco.edu.

To help you prepare, we’ve compiled a list of items that you should have on hand as you begin the process:

  • A short narrative telling us about your situation with enough information for us to understand what changed.
  • A completed 2020 Income Projection Worksheet
  • A copy of your signed and dated 2019 tax returns
  • Documentation of loss of employment, which may include the dates of employment, dates of unemployment, and proof of unemployment (such as paperwork from your application for unemployment benefits and the amount of those benefits)
  • If reduction of income, documentation of reduction of hours/wage
    Information and documentation about any other untaxed income

    To request a review, if you already have a Bear Verification account, log in to your account through Ursa and click on the blue button on the top right that says “Request,” and request a Family Contribution Appeal. If you do not have a Bear Verification account, contact the Office of Financial Aid at ofa@unco.edu briefly explaining your circumstances to start your request for an appeal. The appeal will be completed online, and you will need to provide documentation to support your appeal.

Please be sure to submit all the documentation required to support your appeal. Appeals with incomplete documentation or without documentation will be returned to you, which will delay processing times.