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Welcome to Veterans Services

The University of Northern Colorado proudly supports the military affiliated community by assisting in the transition process and providing a stand alone space with a strong inclusive community. The acceptance of military credit and VA education benefits, awareness events, and the unlimited contributions and uncapped opportunities for the Yellow Ribbon program are just a few reasons why students choose UNC.

Announcements and Events.

  • FRIDAY, SEP 21: POW/MIA Rememberance day. We will be hosting a Flag Raising Ceremony at 0800 at the UC with a pancake breakfast immediately following at the Marcus Garvey Cultural Center. Join us!
  • REMINDER: You must certify under your URSA student account to receive your GI Bill benefits. Contact us if you need assistance.
  • UPDATE: The VA has requested that UNC suspend admitting VA Education Benefit students into the Foreign Language K-12 French Teaching and German majors.

Get Started

The journey at UNC and using the GI Bill and other military benefits begins here. This process may take up to 6-12 months, so it is never too soon. Whether using the Post 9/11 GI Bill or other education benefits like Vocational Rehabilitation, Veterans Services is here to help!

Begin Using My Benefits

Meet the Staff: Abigail Hayes

US Navy Veteran

Abby grew up in Connecticut and joined the Navy after college. She served as a Linguistic Specialist and fluently speaks Arabic. She currently serves at Veterans Services and loves trail running, hiking, and anything up in the mountains. She lives with her husband and dog Maggie. Fun fact: Abby has been to 17 countries!

Picture of Abigail Hayes