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Job and Internship Posting Disclaimer and Safety Tips’

UNC Career Services requests information from entities who wish to post job or internship openings within Bears Career Connection in order to attempt to assess their legitimacy and screen out entities about which may not comply with applicable employment laws.  Career Services also considers information it receives from students regarding their interactions and experience with entities who have posted within Bears Career Connection in determining whether organizations’ posting will be allowed.  The University of Northern Colorado does not, however, affirm or represent that a posting or opportunity for a job or internship, whether paid or unpaid, complies with the Fair Labor Standards Act and/or other applicable Federal and State Labor and Employment Laws.  Responsibility for information disseminated, and experiences gained, through interaction with any web site, representative, or posting, resides with the posting organization.  Please be conscientious when inquiring about any job or internship opportunity/posting.  Below are a few tips to consider when engaging in such inquiries.

Consider carefully whether to submit your information for a job or internship opening if you answer ‘yes’ to any of the following questions:

  • Does the email of the ‘recruiter’ appear to be a personal email (e.g. gmail, yahoo, aol, etc.) address?
  • Does the posting offer a large salary, require little experience, and claim you can work your own hours?
  • Are the job duties unclear and/or is the written information provided ungrammatical?
  • Does the employer require or supply money for any purpose in order to act on your expression of interest in the position?

If you have had an experience with an organization that has posted a job or internship opening that you believe has infringed on your employment rights, please provide Career Services with this information for its consideration in determining whether to allow further postings by that organization.  If the interaction resulted in physical, emotional, and/or psychological harm, please contact the UNC Police Department and/or UNC Counseling Services.

Find a job or internship using Bears Career Connection (BCC)!

BCC is a great resource for students and alumni to search for everything from student employment, part time jobs, internships, and full time career opportunities. The best part is, you can create a "job agent" and get the latest postings emailed right to your inbox!

To log into Bears Career Connection (BCC):

Step by Step Instructions

First, go to BCC

For New Users: 

  • For your username, you will use your entire bears e-mail.
  • The password for new UNC users will be "unc". Once you login the first time, you will need to update your password under your account information.
  • It is recommended to update "My Profile" under "My Account" as well.
  • If you are unable to log-in, please call 970-351-2127 for assistance.

Returning Users:

  • You will use your bears email as your username and password that you previously created on BCC. If you have forgotten your username and/or password, please call Career Services at 970-351-2127.
  • Remember to update "My Profile" under "My Account" to change your password and update any out of date information.

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Search for Jobs and Internships

(and have new postings sent straight to your e-mail inbox!)

  1. Log in to BCC
  2. Hover over the tab "Job & Internships" and select "Job Search"
  3. Look through all of the positions or narrow it down by selecting: “Position Type” (work study, internship, full-time, etc.). Once you have made the selection, hit “Close” and then “Search”. You may select more than one type.
  4. You also have the option to save this search or have the newly posted positions emailed to your inbox. Select the "Email Me New Jobs for this Search" link located above "Job Results" and create the "Job Agent Name" (this is whatever name you choose) and select "Save".
  5. Enjoy new job opportunities delivered straight to your inbox

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On Campus Interviews

Career Services often has organizations come to campus to interview students in our office for opportunities with their organization. To sign up for an on-campus interview:

  1. Log into BCC
  2. After uploading your resume (under "My Account", "My Documents"), click the "Interviews" option from the top navigation menu, then select "Qualified Schedules."
  3. Select the employer from the list provided by clicking the available links.
  4. Schedule Types:
    • Open:
      1. This allows for students to directly sign up on a schedule for a time to interview.
      2. Your resume will be attached through the system and sent to the employer with their final schedule.
    • Preselect (Takes 4 Steps):
      1. Click the "Request an Interview" button on the center of the page.
      2. Once clicked the system will ask which position you are requesting for, then click "Continue." Then you can determine which documents you would like submitted. Your resume (and cover letter) will then be attached.
      3. Candidates will then receive notification via e-mail if your request has been accepted or declined after resumes have been reviewed.
      4. If accepted, log into the system to sign up for interview times.

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