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UNC Student Employment Fair

Looking for a job while you attend UNC? UNC's student employment fair is a great opportunity for students to meet prospective employers. There will be both Work Study and Non-Work Study jobs available for students to explore. For additional information contact the Center for Career Readiness at 970-351-2127.

Join Us for UNC's Student Employment Fair

August 25, 2023
Campus Commons - 1st Floor
10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Student registration is not required.

Things to keep in mind while job searching:
  • All students need to fill out Federal I-9 forms to work on campus.
  • The department that hires a student employee will complete the I-9 paperwork.
  • For the I-9 you will need one document from List A OR one document from List B AND one document from List C.  A full list of acceptable documents can be found at https://www.uscis.gov/i-9-central/form-i-9-acceptable-documents
    • List A: U.S. Passport, Alien Registration Card, or Certificate of Naturalization


    • List B AND List C
      • List B: U.S. Passport, Student ID, or U.S. Military Card
      • List C: Original Social Security Card, Certified Birth Certificate, or American Indian Tribal Documents

To view and explore UNC jobs now, create a UNC Handshake account to view employment opportunities.