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Salary Equity Committee

Shall be comprised of eleven (11) members. There shall be six (6) Senators, one from each college and the University Libraries elected by the Senate. Senators from each college and the University Libraries will be responsible for nominating their representative. If no Senator is available from a college, the Senate will accept nominations for non-Senators to serve on the Committee. Two members will be appointed by the President or his/her designee. One member shall be the elected Faculty Trustee currently serving on the Board of Trustees (BOT). One member shall be the previously elected Faculty Trustee. The Professional Administrative Council (PASC) shall select, from its membership, a representative to serve on the Committee. All committee members are voting members. The committee shall elect annually at the last meeting of the spring semester faculty members as chair and vice-chair to serve a term of one year. The term of office of faculty members elected or appointed by the Faculty Senate shall be three calendar years beginning July 1 of the year selected, unless the appointment is to finish a term for someone who has not completed his or her full term. The members selected by the President or his/her designee, and the PASC shall hold office for one year. The term of office for the Faculty Trustee shall be the time he or she serves on the Board of Trustees. If the previously elected Faculty Trustee is unable or unwilling to serve on the committee the Senate shall appoint a faculty member to fill this position. The Committee’s responsibilities are to: Review the group of University approved peer institutions and make recommendations for any
necessary changes, if possible during the fall semester; request and review the annual staffing plan of exempt staff and faculty at UNC. Ensure that copies are distributed to the offices deemed appropriate and ensure a copy is held in the University archives; request appropriate data to make annual external and internal parity comparisons for the purpose of making recommendations on how to achieve internal and external parity; ensure that fairness and equity is maintained, review annually the salaries for all faculty and exempt staff which may include, but not be limited to, new hires, merit pay, and summer salaries, and recommend to the Senate any modifications to the distribution process; review the annual University budget audits, the annual budget, or any other relevant budgetary documents to make relevant recommendations; review benefit plans including but not limited to health, life, and disability insurance that are part of the fringe benefit plan and make relevant recommendations