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In light of Campus closure and as a precautionary measure regarding COVID-19, Faculty Senate members are working remotely in an effort to best support our campus community. We appreciate your understanding as we prioritize health and safety. Updates will be published to UNC's COVID-19 information page as the situation develops.

Faculty Grievance

Board Policy Manual Part 12 Faculty Grievance. 
2-3-1201(1)(a) Eligibility. All faculty members shall have the right to seek redress of grievances within the University community. Any grievant has the right to withdraw their formal grievance at any time.
2-3-1201(1)(b) Grievable Matters.
Grievable matters are those in which one or more faculty members in a specific instance allege(s) that a misapplication, misinterpretation, or other violation of a university policy or procedure adversely affected his or her/their academic freedom, professional reputation, compensation, and/or the advancement in the profession s/he/they represent or in other ways. In cases of dismissal of tenured faculty, the applicable procedures are those at 1-1-310 and 2-3-1101. In cases of contract non-renewal of all other faculty, the applicable procedures are those outlined in this policy.
• For the entire policy see Board Policy Manual Section 1-1-311 and 2-3-1201

2020-2021 Faculty Grievance Committee

Matthew Birnbaum - EBS - 2019-2022
Wesley Broadnax - PVA - 2020-2023
Jeffrey Brown - HSS - 2019-2022
Betty Cardona - EBS - 2018-2021
Rachel Dineen - UL - 2019-2022
Jody Lawrence - EBS - 2020-2023
Stan Luger | Chair - HSS - 2019-2022
Nathaniel Miller - NHS - 2018-2021
Jane Monson - UL - 2020-2023
Mel Moore - HSS - 2019-2022
Kathie Records - NHS - 2019-2021
Dawit Senbet - HSS - 2019-2022
Thomas Smith - HSS - 2019-2022
Basilia Softas-Nall - EBS - 2018-2021
Hasan Zaghlawan - EBS - 2020-2023