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Faculty Grievance

Board Policy Manual Part 12 Faculty Grievance. 
2-3-1201(1)(a) Eligibility. All faculty members shall have the right to seek redress of grievances within the University community. Any grievant has the right to withdraw their formal grievance at any time.
2-3-1201(1)(b) Grievable Matters.
Grievable matters are those in which one or more faculty members in a specific instance allege(s) that a misapplication, misinterpretation, or other violation of a university policy or procedure adversely affected his or her/their academic freedom, professional reputation, compensation, and/or the advancement in the profession s/he/they represent or in other ways. In cases of dismissal of tenured faculty, the applicable procedures are those at 1-1-310 and 2-3-1101. In cases of contract non-renewal of all other faculty, the applicable procedures are those outlined in this policy.
• For the entire policy see Board Policy Manual Section 1-1-311 and 2-3-1201

2017-2018 Faculty Grievance Committee 
Matthew Birnbaum - EBS
Rachel Dineen - UL
Whitney Duncan - HSS
Thomas Endres - HSS
Abe Harraf - MCB
Stan Luger - HSS | Chair
Jeanette McNeill - NHS
Nathaniel Miller - NHS
Janice Payan - MCB
Dawit Senbet - HSS
Robert Walch - NHS
Gregory Williams - HSS