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COVID Vaccination Disparity

May 13, 2021

The State of Colorado vaccine data shows significant gaps among races, particularly in persons in the Hispanic, All Races (State of Colorado terminology) demographic. Persons identifying as White (non-Hispanic) make up 67.76% of the population in Colorado and of those persons, 69.53% have been immunized. In comparison, Hispanic (All Races) make up 21.69% of the population in Colorado and only 9.11% of those persons have been immunized. Unfortunately, this gap is not unique to Colorado. According to the CDC, this trend can be seen across the United States. CDC data indicate that of the total Hispanic/Latino population in the United States, only 11.1% are fully vaccinated. In comparison, 65.8% of the entire White, Non-Hispanic population in the United States is fully vaccinated.

Take action in your community:

UNC is one of several Colorado colleges and universities requiring the COVID vaccine for students, staff, and faculty in anticipation of a full in-person campus experience beginning again in the fall.

For additional education and personal development related to diversity, equity and inclusion please use the following resources: DDEI Education and ResourcesDEI & Antiracism Resources from the UNC Libraries, and the Education Equity Toolkit from the Colorado Department of Higher Education.