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Desktop and Laptop Encryption

Data loss and disclosure has become a serious issue for almost every organization including those both in the public and private sectors. To address these data protection concerns, UNC Information Technology is strongly encouraging the use of data encryption software.
Encryption essentially locks digital data so that only those with the correct key can access it. The key to this data is your Personal Digital Identity (PDID), so your data is safe if a device is lost or stolen. IT recommends the following stand alone solutions for data encryption. These products will help to protect sensitive data on laptops and desktops. If you use mobile computing devices, such as laptops, the use of one of the following encryption technologies is strongly recommended. It is also recommended that individuals handling sensitive data (such as data covered under FERPA, HIPAA, and GLB) use one of the following encryption products for both desktops and laptops.

For more information please click on the solution for your specific computing platform below.


If you have any questions, please contact the TSC at 970.351.4357.