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Personal Digital ID

What is your PDID?

Your Personal Digital ID (PDID) is used to access UNC computer systems and an increased number of applications and increased amount of valuable information. Your PDID and password allow you to access the Northern Colorado computer network, Ursa/Banner, your UNC e-mail account, your pay information, grade books and more. It’s more important than ever to protect you PDID by choosing a good passwords and taking steps to ensure that it remains private and confidential.

Why is protecting your PDID so important?

Your PDID gives you access to an increasing number of application and to an equally increasing amount of valuable information.

Protecting your PDID and password combination is vital to protect the integrity of your user account. To maintain that integrity and safeguard access to yours and the University’s information:

To maintain that integrity and safeguard access to your and the University’s information:

  • Keep your password secret.
  • Think of a quality password.
  • You can use numeric charters, alphabetic charters (upper case and lower case) and symbols to create a strong password.(Note: The use of symbols is not recommended if you are using Internet Native Banner)
  • Change your password if you know of feel it has been compromised.