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Internet Security

Is it safe for me to browse the internet?

Your browser is one of the most dangerous applications you can use.  It is a very common window attackers use to get into your computer.  They create tools that attack your browser, and place these tools on a website they believe you will visit.  These tools will launch attacks on your PC that will give them control of your entire computer with no indication that it happened.  There is no simple way to tell if a website is safe.  Even legitimate sites can be compromised and used to attack you.  So how do you protect yourself from browser threats?

  • If your browser warns you against visiting a website, do not connect to it.
  • Scan files and programs downloaded from the internet with your antivirus program. 
  • Be wary of free software available for download like screen savers.
  • Use the most current version available for your browser.
  • Do not install add-ins or plug-ins unless you absolutely need them and are sure of their reputation.  Keep them updated.
  • Do not click on pop-up ads.
  • Do not allow a scan from an unexpected pop-up.  Pop-ups will often pretend to have identified malware on your PC and offer to remove it,
  • when in fact it a disguised malicious program.
  • Disable pop-ups within your browser settings.
  • Configure your security settings to the highest level that you can while still maintaining functionality of your browser.