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Screen Lock Policy

The screen lock policy states that all computer systems will have the screen automatically lock and power off the screen (but does not turn off the computer) after 15 minutes without use.  This will require the user to enter their passphrase(password) to access the computer system. 

A screen lock policy exception can only be granted after a security review and with applicable functional area director approval. Exceptions can only be granted in cases where there is a well justified need and/or business case for an exception to IT Security Policy. 
Example Exceptions:

  • The system is a display that does not have an accessible user interface
  • A digital sign
  • Systems that use a generic account to automatically log in

Mitigating controls will be required in any case where an exception to this policy is granted. These controls must be approved by the Office of Information Security and documented in this form.

Please copy the following into an email to the TSC at help@unco.edu or print a PDF version here.




Computer Name:

Account Name:                                                                   @unco.edu

Technical Reason for Exception:

Business Justification:

Approving Authority: