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External Email Notification

What is changing?

Starting May 18th when faculty or staff receive an email from a source which is external to the University they will see the following added at the very end of the email:

**This message originated from outside UNC. Please use caution when opening attachments or following links. Do not enter your UNC credentials when prompted by external links.**

Please see the example below.

 external email append to bottom of body

Why is this change being made?

To help prevent phishing attempts against faculty and staff.

I don't think a specific message or sender should be tagged.

It is the intent that all external messages should be flagged.  Just because a message is flagged does not mean that it is bad just that it originated outside of the University. However if you are certain that there is an error please enter a support ticket. Visit the www.help.unco.edu to submit a ticket or email them at help@unco.edu