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Information Security

Information Security's mission is to defend the institution's data, systems, infrastructure, and users from cybersecurity threats.


Forwarding UNCO.EDU Email is Prohibited 

IM&T's governance group - Information Technology Committee (ITC) has approved a new security control which restricts the forwarding of any @unco.edu email to an external email address. If you have a email forward set up it will stop working on July 8th 2024.  

This security control is being implimented to prohibit sensitive data from being forwarded out of the UNC network. This security best practice is needed to prevent attackers from setting an email forward when they have compromised a @unco.edu account. They do this so they can continue to read a victims email if they lose access. 

The [EXTERNAL] Tag is Changing

IM&T's governance group - Information Technology Committee (ITC) has approved the change of the [EXTERNAL] tag which is applied to all emails that come from outside of UNC. The tag will change on June 6th 2024. 

There have been a steady increase of malicious links, files, and scams from external email addresses and we want folks to see the EXTERNAL tag and treat emails from outside the university with addtional caution. 

Currently the tag looks like this: old external email tag

The tag starting June 6th 2024: 20240606_External_Email_Tag