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Linux Encryption

Full Disk Encryption (FDE) is a feature that is built into many GNU/Linux distributions as an option during installation. FDE helps protect confidential information stored on a computer if it is stolen. The information is locked by the encryption so that anyone without the security key created during the installation will not be able to access it.

FDE is an option that can only be accessed during a fresh installation of a GNU/Linux distribution. Users wishing to encrypt and protect data on their Linux computers after the installation process should use such software as VeraCrypt. VeraCrypt offers encryption tools that can be used in place of the FDE installation option by encrypting the Home folder on your Linux machine.

To have assistance on using VeraCrypt on your computer, call the TSC at 970.351.4357 or put in a help ticket.


Improper use of encryption technology may render data useless and prevent use of or access to the data. Users should read and follow instructions carefully.

Note: Users must contact the Technical Support Center (TSC) at 351-4357 prior to enabling VeraCrypt if they wish to use this recovery option. If users choose not to use this service UNC Information Technology is not responsible for any data loss or destruction that may result from not using these encryption technologies.