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CHE participants take linked coursework with their cohort peers; most students will take English 122, ET 100, and UNIV 100 during their fall semester. In the spring semester, most will take English 123 and Library 150 together. These linked courses allow students to become familiar with their peers. In addition, each course is structured to allow for maximum individual attention from the course instructors. The CHE curriculum features:

  • Courses with a student-to-teacher ratio of 15-20 students per one educator
  • Structure allows for more one-on-one time for students
  • Instructors regularly communicate how best to support student success
  • CHE-taught courses are specially designed and reserved for CHE participants and are taught by
    faculty in CHE (ENG 122/123 and ET 100), University College (UNIV 101), and University Libraries (LIB 150)


  • ET 100: Computer Applications

    ET 100 course (1-credit hour) fulfills CHE students’ elective credits and is designed to provide CHE students with a fundamental and practical background in computer technology. This course is required for all CHE freshmen (optional for transfer students). Students are introduced to UNC's computing systems (i.e., Canvas, Bearmail, Ursa) including various computer applications supported by UNC. Students learn to use word processing to compose, edit, and format their course documents; create a Works Cited page using RefWorks; use basic Excel features to work with a personal budget spreadsheet; format professional emails, learn e-mail etiquette; edit digital photos using Adobe Photoshop software; and design professional PowerPoint presentations. In addition, the course addresses copyright law issues surrounding students' use of Internet content in their written course papers and/or class presentations. Additional issues include cybersecurity and social media considerations.

  • English 122: College Composition

    College Composition is designed as an introduction to college academic writing. In this course, students learn and practice varied types of academic prose. Paper assignments include essays that are specifically designed to develop students' analytical skills and prepare them for the level of critical thought expected in other UNC courses. An emphasis is placed on grammar, organization, and logical reasoning. This is a 3 credit hour required course that contributes to fulfilling the Liberal Arts Core Area 1. Most UNC student must take ENG 122, unless they are considered exempt through ACT/SAT scores, AP credit, or concurrent courses taken while in high school.

  • ENG Lab

    Students in CHE English courses earn credit for English by attending a weekly one-hour lab in which they practice composing sentences in a variety of styles and will review grammar and punctuation to enhance their college writing skills.

  • English 123: College Research Paper

    The ENG 123: College Research Paper course  is designed to be an extension of English 122. This course develops further critical, analytical, persuasive writing skills, and emphasizes the proper collection and incorporation of researched sources in academic writing. Given the degree to which outside sources are fundamental to English 123, the course also emphasizes the importance of developing critical reading skills. Students will learn practical library skills including the use of available library technology and tools. They will also learn to use APA citation style and may become familiar with other citation formats such as MLA and Chicago styles depending upon need for those styles in their majors.

    Unlike sections of English 123 taught through the English Department, the CHE sections of English 123 incorporate a tutorial component along with LIB 150, a library information and technology information course (one-credit hour). In LIB 150 CHE students learn research techniques and hands-on library skills applicable to their English course project.

  • LIB 123: Introduction to Library Research

    In this one-credit hour course, students learn to manage library information and technology in a dynamic research environment. Within CHE, every ENG 123 section is also linked to LIB 150 so students learn research techniques and hands-on library skills applied to their English course project.

  • UNIV 101: First Year Seminar

    The UNIV 101 is designed to be a highly interactive and student-centered seminar.  CHE students will have various opportunities to apply new learned academic skills to their current coursework. Topics covered include research skills, time management and organizational strategies, memory and information processing, and motivation. Students are also required to present their research project to the wide campus community during UNC’s research evening. 

    Studies suggest that students who participate in seminars like University 101 tend to earn higher grades and continue in college until graduation more so than students who do not participate.