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CHE Computer Lab laptop_windows

We welcome all UNC students, staff, and faculty to stop by and utilize the equipment and software in the CHE Computer Lab. The CHE lab consultants are available to help you with your computer technology needs. All of the lab consultant are all upper class CHE participants hired to be of service to all CHE and UNC lab patrons.

  • Software/Equipment

    Our computer lab houses 23 HP Elite computers with Windows 10 computer operating system, touch screen monitors, two scanners and printers (black/white and color printing available). Computer software includes Microsoft Office 2016, Adobe Photoshop, Epson and Cannon scanner software.

  • Printing

    To be able to print from any of UNC's computer lab you must first set up a Bear Print (Pharos) account through URSA.  Learn how to manage your UNC pay-for-print account.

    List of Campus Computer Lab Printers
    Most of the UNC computer labs include black and white printers with some color printers available. Check out the list of UNC printers to find one that fits your printing needs.

    Bear Print Knowledge Base
    New to printing on campus or need help with printing? Review the Bear Print Knowledge Base information to learn more about printing on campus.

    If you run out of printing money and need to print something quickly, the UNC cultural centers provide FREE printing (limit number of pages).

  • UNC Computer Labs

    There are nine UNC computer labs across campus available to all students. Lab hours may vary due to scheduled classes and semester breaks. The UNC computer labs are close on holidays.

    For information regarding their hours of operations, locations, and phone numbers explore the list of campus computer labs and find the one that meets your software or printing (black/white or color) needs.

  • CHE Out Laptops/recorders

    As a service to CHE students, we also have available laptops and recorders to check out on a needed basis. For specific details, you may contact the CHE front desk staff at 970-351-1905.

  • Helpful Mobile Apps

    BreakFree App - Makes you aware of the total time spent on using mobile phone, how often phone is unlock, and time spent texting. It calculates an "addiction score" and will send reminders suggesting to minimizing use.

    Email on Mobile Devices -  Instructions to access your UNC email from a mobile device, such as an iPhone or Android smartphone. If you encounter any difficulties then contact the Technical Support Center at 970-351-4357.

    The Oxford Dictionary - Use this mobile device app to look up the definition of any English word, simply enter the word to get the definition.

    Quizlet - This app will allow you to create your own quizzes as a study strategy. Helps you to study via flashcards and various games and tests.

    Student Canvas Guides - Frequently asked questions about Canvas.  Visit this website for a view of the Canvas Student Guides.

    TED Talks - This app provides access to video talks by business experts, educators, computer geniuses, music legends, and plus many other interesting people. Expand your mind to new possibilities!

    UNC Mobile App - Want help finding your way around campus? Would you like campus event up-dates and access to grades, class schedules, social media? Then this app is for you.