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Program Assessment Support

Program Assessment support is offered in a variety of ways to meet the needs of program faculty. Department chairs or assessment coordinators may schedule an individual consultation, support can be provided through group consultations with a department or assessment committee during a meeting, and workshops can be offered during a faculty or committee retreat.


Individuals or assessment teams may schedule a one-on-one consultation to answer specific questions about program assessment. This is a great option to discuss program assessment processes and methods.


Workshops are a great option for programs ready to get started or for programs who are already doing assessment work but want some guidance for improving processes. Workshops will be developed in collaboration with department chairs/directors and/or assessment committee chairs. A planning meeting with CETL will occur prior to the training.Workshops may be scheduled during 1/2- or full-day retreats or during department meetings.

Program Assessment 101

This program is for departments/programs that are starting program assessment or want to make major revisions to their program assessment practice. Faculty will engage in conversations about learning outcomes, curriculum, ways to assess capstone learning, and implementing a full assessment plan.

Program Assessment Revamp

This program is for departments/programs that have established program assessment practices but are interested in working through revisions to program learning outcomes and assessment methods as well as ask questions that go beyond achievement of learning outcomes such as exploring equity gaps or new pedagogical interventions as part of their program assessment work.

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