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COVID-19: News and Campus Updates | Fall 2021 Plans

Program Assessment Series

The Program Assessment Workshop Series consists five hands-on workshops that will help departments/programs jumpstart program assessment. This series is recommended for program chairs, directors, and assessment coordinators to gain knowledge about program assessment. Participants will gain skills needed to lead their program faculty through assessment planning.

The series is delivered through the academic year. Chairs/Directors may request workshops for their entire faculty. 

Fall Workshops

Program Learning Outcomes   

This workshop provides an overview of the importance of program-level student learning outcomes. Participants will discuss best practices for writing program-level learning outcomes, will learn a process for leading groups in writing outcomes, and will practice writing program-level learning outcomes for their own program. 

Curriculum Mapping  

Curriculum mapping is a method of analyzing the relationship between program curriculum and program-level student learning outcomes. Curriculum mapping at the program level can identify academic gaps, redundancies, and misalignment in the curriculum, allowing us to restructure programs to be more effective. In this workshop, participants will create curriculum maps for their own programs and begin analyzing their program curriculum. 

Program Assessment Methods  

Programs can use a variety of methods (e.g., existing course exams, assignments, projects, and standardized tests) to understand the extent to which students have achieved program-level student learning outcomes by the time students complete the program. Assessment methods should provide enough data to measure student learning related to the outcome and should not be overly burdensome for departments to collect. When selecting methods to assess program-level student learning outcomes, programs are guided by the questions, “How well do students perform relative to the learning outcomes?” Through lecture, discussions, and activities, participants will learn about assessment methods and begin the process to identify methods for their own program. 

Spring Workshops

Planning for Data Collection & Analysis

In this workshop participants will discuss making data collection efficient and developing sustainable data collection and analysis plans for their programs.

Closing the Assessment Loop: Sharing Results and Taking Action

Much of the conversation around assessment is about measurement and data collection and less about conversations among faculty about that data. In this workshop participants will discuss "closing the loop" in which faculty spend time interpreting assessment data in order to determine areas for celebration and improvement. Participants will learn how to develop a program improvement plan and a data reporting plan to share data with stakeholders.