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Decolonizing the Curriculum

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Decolonizing the curriculum is an emerging topic in education, coming to society’s broader awareness in 2015 from South Africa. If you are unfamiliar with this concept, Rowena Arshad from the University of Edinburgh (Scotland) explains “Decolonizing is not about deleting knowledge or histories that have been developed in the West or colonial nations; rather it is to situate the histories and knowledges that do not originate from the West in the context of imperialism, colonialism and power and to consider why these have been marginalized and decentered.” 

Wednesday September 13, 2023

12:00—1:00 pm MST

Join Dr. Cutcha Risling Baldy, department chair of Native American Studies at Cal Poly and author of we are dancing for you: Native Feminisms & the Revitalization of Women’s Coming-of-Age Ceremonies  for an introduction to decolonizing the curriculum. 

Wednesday October 18, 2023

12:00—1:00 pm MST

Join UNC faculty members to hear how they have worked to decolonize curriculum in their classrooms and their experiences with how this affects students. 

Wednesday November 15, 2023

12:001:00 pm MST

Join UNC faculty and staff for a discussion about how student benefits from instructors decolonizing their curriculum.