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Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education Strategies in Teacher Preparation Programs

ELL Initial Teacher Licensure Reauthorization Faculty Workshops

In 2018 Colorado passed legislation requiring all initial teacher licensure programs to have at least 6 credit hours or 90 clock hours to address English Language Learners (ELL) Educator Provider Standards. The UNC ELL Support Team for Initial Licensure Programs formed by the CEBS Dean worked with 30 plus programs from 2019 to 2021 to have all the programs approved by CDE for compliance by February 2021. During AY 2021-2022,  the UNC ELL Support Team will host three workshops focusing on integrating promising CLD strategies into instructional planning and instructional implementation in the field. 

These workshops go beyond compliance and aim at enhancing the quality of UNC’s teacher prep programs across the kK12 content areas in their effort to prepare culturally and linguistically responsive teachers.

Fall 2021

Incorporating CLD Considerations at the Level of Instructional Planning: What are Crucial Elements that Cannot be Ignored?

October 26, 3:30-5 pm (in person) or October 29, 1:00-2:30 pm (online)

Led by Drs. Ginny Huang and Deborah Romero

Faculty will have time to work and discuss how they might adapt current methods courses to incorporate elements presented in this session.Please bring your methods course and practicum/student teaching syllabi to the workshop if possible.

  • What are the important elements in a lesson plan that takes CLD students into consideration?
  • How does one incorporate content specific language outcomes into instructional planning to benefit all students, especially English Language learners?
  • What are basic requirements for program assessment of lesson plans that address the CO ELL Educator prep standards?
  • How have some of UNC programs made successful efforts to incorporate CLD considerations at the level of instructional planning? Faculty from different programs will share strategies/ideas.
  • Getting ready for program level assessment of instructional planning. This will be required as a LiveText assessment starting FA22.
  • Strongly encouraged: All instructors of methods courses and all UNC field supervisors (faculty or part time supervisors);
  • Invited: All teacher education faculty working in UNC’s teacher preparation programs across the campus, all disciplines.

Spring 2022

Details about the two spring workshops are forthcoming.

Connecting CLD Strategies to Content Literacy Across the Curriculum

Incorporating CLD Perspectives at the Level of Lesson Delivery in the Field: What Should a Supervisor Look For?