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Learning Community

In the Ungrading Learning Community, facilitated by Dr. Marc Santos, you will engage in discussions with colleagues about grading - why we do it, how we do it, and how we can do it better!

Ungrading  “means raising an eyebrow at grades as a systemic practice, distinct from simply “not grading.” (Stommel, 2021). It is any assessment/grading practice that “decenters the action of an instructor assigning a summary grade to student work” (Lafeyette CTL). Ungrading isn’t just about one practice, it’s about your whole approach to pedagogy and assessment.

As a participant you will receive a copy of the book Ungrading: Why Rating Students Undermines Learning (and What to Do Instead) by Susan Blum, which will serve as the base for our discussions. You will also see real examples of Ungrading in action in higher education and consider how you might change your grading practices to create more inclusive classrooms. 

Learning Outcomes

By participating in the Ungrading LC, you will:

  • Explore ungrading practices across different disciplines
  • Examine how traditional grading policies can harm student learning
  • Create an action plan for implementing ungrading into your practice

Who Can Join?

Anyone who teaches at UNC, either in a degree program, co-curricular program, or other environment can participate in the learning community. If you develop and deliver a learning experience at UNC, this learning community is for you! Full- and part-time faculty, staff, and graduate students are welcome. Space is limited and participants are selected on a first come basis.