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How Learning Works

Learning Community

The How Learning Works Learning Community focuses on how students learn and how to use learning theory to inform classroom practice.  Participation promotes pedagogical growth, collaboration, and application of content to participants’ classes to improve student success. Activities and discussions are built around the book How Learning Works: 7 Research-Based Strategies for Smart Teaching.

Who Can participate?

Anyone who teaches at UNC, either in a degree program, co-curricular program, or other environment. If you develop and deliver a learning experience at UNC, this learning community is for you! Full- and part-time faculty, staff, and graduate students are welcome. Space is limited and participants are selected on a first come basis. 

what do i have to do?

Participants are asked to attend all meetings, actively engage with peers, complete short activities prior to each session, incorporate learning into classroom practice, and participate in ongoing program evaluation.

what will i get?

Joining the learning community is beneficial is many ways. By joining you will:

  • build community with other UNC instructors
  • learn strategies to improve student learning and enhance your pedagogy
  • increase your teaching satisfaction
  • see an improvement in student learning
  • get a personal copy of How Learning Works: Seven Research-Based Principles for Smart Teaching
  • get support from your facilitator and ongoing support from CETL after completion