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PTEP Advising

Do I have to get advising? How often?

The State of Colorado requires us to meet certain requirements regarding advising, and we do. Although you are not obligated to be advised, it is a very good idea to seek and receive quality advising. It may save you time and money. Do not rely on peer advising, because requirements change often, and your roommate may simply be misinformed. See a faculty or staff adviser at least once every semester to discuss your academic plan, progress in your classes, or selection of major.

Who do I contact?

Please see the list of teacher education coordinators. In addition, you may be assigned a faculty advisor in your area; check your Ursa record to find out who that is.

For many class registration problems, students can go directly to the Registrar.

Many PTEP issues can be resolved by contacting one of the STE staff members. Stop by McKee 216 and ask questions. We are open 8-5, Monday through Friday, except University holidays.

See the list of all UNC Advising Centers

Most importantly, read the UNC Catalog and be aware of program requirements.

What if I cannot get advice?

The University structure may be a little complicated; if you cannot get good advising on teacher education matters, please contact Dr. Huang who may help you identify the next step in seeking and getting good advice.