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Advising Policies

Dear Teacher Education students:

Here is what we promised the State of Colorado to accomplish with our advising system, and how we fulfill those obligations.

Comprehensive Admissions System

The unit maintains a comprehensive admissions system that includes screening and counseling for students who are considering becoming teacher candidates.

  • Performance Indicator 1:

    Institution has adopted rigorous admission criteria, taking into account prior academic experiences and achievement, for baccalaureate and post-baccalaureate teacher education programs.

    • All PTEP programs have GPA requirements and 30 credits of undergraduate coursework for entry. GPA varies from program to program and ranges between 2.5 and 3.0. EDFE 110, EDFE 120, EDFE 125, EDFE 130, Checkpoint Courses are a mechanism for enforcing these admission requirements.
  • Performance Indicator 2:

    Multiple entry points exist for students considering teacher education.

    • Students may become teacher candidates as early as their freshman year and as late as after graduation. A variety of undergraduate and postbaccalaureate programs ensure multiple entry points to teacher education.
  • Performance Indicator 3:

    Institution has implemented a screening process that identifies qualified teacher education candidates.

    • In all programs, an early field experience course provides an entry point to the program and is used to evaluate a candidate's readiness to continue in a teacher education program.
    • At every field experience certain candidates may be counselled out of the program.
    • Academic deficiencies are discussed by program faculty to determine whether a candidate may continue.
  • Performance Indicator 4:

    Institution has implemented a counseling process to regularly advise and position future teacher education candidates to be successful.

    • All teacher candidates receive advising before entering the programs to help them identify whether teaching is a good career choice for them.
    • Any disciplinary procedure, including failing grade or dismissal from the program includes extensive counseling procedures involving more than one faculty and the School director.


Ongoing Screening and Counseling

The unit ensures that ongoing screening and counseling of teacher candidates occurs by practicing teachers or faculty members.

  • Performance indicator 1:

    Faculty members are responsible for meeting with assigned teacher education candidates at least once per term.

    • Each teacher candidate is assigned a faculty adviser.
    • UNC requires students to meet with the adviser to receive a registration code.
  • Performance Indicator 2:

    For all candidates, a program of study is designed to address the skills and knowledge essential for candidates to be successful.

    • A four-year tentative study plan is developed with each freshman.
    • All postbaccalaureate programs operate within a cohort model.
  • Performance Indicator 3:

    Each candidate meets with faculty members every academic term to discuss curriculum plans and ways to integrate field experience with content knowledge.

    See Indicator 1 above.