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Youth Expectations

General Expectations

Campus Connections is committed to providing a positive, engaging, safe and comfortable place to develop meaningful relationships and to have a good time. In order to help make Campus Connections a success for everyone, we ask the following of youth & families:

  • Please arrive between 4:15 and 4:30pm to McKee Hall during your Campus Connections night and arrange for pick up by 8:30pm every week for the entire 12-week duration of the program.
  • Please bring warm clothes and comfortable shoes for walking (we’ll be going outside).

Specific Youth Expectations

In order to create and maintain a safe and positive environment, the following are some behavioral expectations of youth:

  •  Stay within arm’s length of your mentor at all times
  • Behave respectfully (no fighting, no yelling, no cussing, no outbursts)
  • No smoking, drinking or drug use (including paraphernalia) prior to or during Campus Connections
  • No bullying, taunting, teasing, or posturing
  • Be present and participate in all aspects of the night
  • Follow mentor and all other Campus Connections staff instructions
  • Dress appropriately (please follow your school dress code)
  • Keep you and others safe by engaging in activities safely
  • No excessive use of cell phones, iPods, or other electronic devices during Campus Connections, except in emergencies
  • Only enrolled youth are allowed at Campus Connections
  • No contact with mentors outside of Campus Connections until the end of the 12-week program