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Benefits for Youth

Campus Connections is an exciting 12-week program held one evening per week from 4:30pm to 8:30pm on UNC’s campus in McKee Hall. Campus Connections offers one-on-one mentoring for community youth, typically referred from the juvenile justice system, schools, and other youth service providers.

Campus Connections runs twice a year Sep-Dec and Feb-May. Each week youth have the opportunity to get assistance with schoolwork, explore the UNC campus, eat a healthy dinner, build healthy relationships, build pro-social behavioral skills, and participate in enriching activities.

Campus Connections is housed in the Department of Applied Psychology and Counselor Education (APCE) at UNC, the same department that houses the Psychological Services Clinic (PSC). The PSC provides low-cost counseling and assessment services to Greeley and surrounding communities.

For questions or more information check out our Youth & Family FAQ's or contact us.

One-on-One Support

Each youth who participates in Campus Connections is paired with a current UNC student mentor who works closely with graduate students and faculty members. Mentors work closely with youth to familiarize them to the college atmosphere and vast opportunities college provides with weekly walks around campus.

Safe & Supportive Environment

Campus Connections is committed to providing a positive, safe, and comfortable place to develop meaningful mentor relationships and encourage pro-social behavior, while preventing problematic behavior. Campus Connections is grounded in evidence-based practices for youth mentoring.

Focus on the Future

Campus Connections focuses on individualized academic and career support to establish future goals and help youth work towards achieving those goals. Because Campus Connections is located entirely on a college campus, youth experience firsthand the possibilities of education and the importance of learning.

Free Counseling Services

An additional benefit of participating in Campus Connections at UNC is that participating youth and their families receive access to free services through the UNC Psychological Services Clinic (PSC). This includes individual counseling, family counseling, couples counseling, parent consultation, play therapy, and assessment services.