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Mentor Coaches

What is a Mentor Coach?

Mentor Coaches (MCs) are experienced mentors who have completed at least one semester of Campus Connections or have sufficient direct previous experience with the population we serve. MCs support youth mentees in their assigned Mentor Family throughout the entire semester. Mentor Families are typically comprised of four to five mentor-mentee pairs and a Mentor Coach.

MCs are involved in all aspects of the Campus Connections course, including mentor training and orientation. MCs attend Campus Connections for the entire time from 3:30pm-9:00pm one night a week, same as mentors, and help instructors with pre-lab, wrap-up and cleaning. See the Mentor Nightly Schedule for more information.

If you are interested in becoming a Mentor Coach and have questions, please contact campus.connections@unco.edu for more information.


  • Support youth mentees in assigned Mentor Family
  • Facilitate small group discussions during pre-lab sessions with mentors and offer support
  • Support mentors in applying evidence-based practices discussed in training
  • Help mentors strategize and troubleshoot difficult situations
  • Assist Campus Connections Instructors with nightly organization and coordination
  • Lead groups during Walk-and-Talks
  • Monitor noise-levels and ensure building policies are followed
  • Assist with family dinner
  • Lead and assist families in nightly cleaning responsibilities
  • Have fun with both the mentors and youth mentees
  • Communicate with the Campus Connections Instructors and the other members of the Campus Connections Leadership Team 


Mentor Coaches must:

  • Be currently enrolled UNC students
  • Have completed at least one semester of Campus Connections as a mentor or demonstrate previous direct experience with the populations we serve
  • Complete required background checks (if not previously completed)


The Fall 2024 Mentor Coach application is now open. Click the link below to download the form.

Mentor Coach Application