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Course Information

APCE 385 & APCE 785 Practicum in Community Engagement, Campus Connections

Campus Connections is a practicum course for undergraduate students (APCE 385, 3-credits) and graduate students (APCE 785, 1-credit) that is open to all levels, majors and areas of study. The Campus Connections experience provides students with a unique opportunity that combines coursework with direct experience working with youth (ages 11-18). 

Campus Connections is offered every fall and spring semester. For current course information please see the mentor application.

Supporting Youth

Campus Connections mentors spend four hours each week with their youth mentee. Mentors assist their mentee with homework and studying for school or GED prep and offer their mentee practical information about higher education opportunities as well as discuss future goals. Each week, mentors and mentees have fun together, explore campus in small groups and participate in engaging activities.

Students attend Campus Connections one night a week, from 3:30-9:00pm. Youth mentees participate from 4:30-8:30pm, arriving an hour after and leaving half an hour before mentors, mentor coaches, and instructors to allow time for mentors to debrief and prepare for/wrap up the evening.

See the Mentor Nightly Schedule for more details.

Fun Activities

Mentors and mentees spend time together each week participating in a variety of pro-social activities that challenge both the youth and the mentors to try new things. Mentors take turns preparing and facilitating activities throughout the semester for youth. Mentors get to choose activities that interest them or align with their area of study. Activities serve a wide range of interests including:

  • Sport activities (basketball, volleyball, kickball, etc.)
  • Arts and crafts
  • Cooking classes to teach mentees about healthy meals and snacks
  • Cultural awareness activities
  • Personal growth activities
  • Interactive games, and much more