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Mentor Nightly Schedule

3:30-4:30pm Pre-Lab
4:30-5:00pm Walk & Talk
5:00-6:00pm Supporting School Success
6:00-6:30pm Dinner

6:30-7:30pm Pro-Social Activities (facilitated by mentors) 
7:30-8:30pm Pro-Social Activities (facilitated by mentors) 
8:30-9:00pm Post-Lab

Youth begin to arrive at Campus Connections between 4:15pm-4:30pm and they depart at 8:30pm. Mentor-mentee pairs are grouped into Mentor Families that include 4-5 mentor-mentee pairs and a Mentor Coach. Mentor Families eat dinner together and often go on Walk & Talks together.


Pre-lab is a time for mentors to have the opportunity to meet with their course instructors, Mentor Coaches, and fellow mentors to discuss the upcoming evening. During this time weekly readings are integrated into preparation for the night to come. In addition, Mentor Families take turns supervising the Early Arrival Room for youth who arrive at Campus Connections prior to 4:15pm.

Walk & Talk

Walk & Talk is a half hour walk that takes place immediately after youth arrive. Mentor families or groups of mentor-mentee pairs "tour the campus" on walks to different buildings across campus. This is a time for mentors to build strong relationships with their mentees as well as for mentees to get outside, get moving, and explore everything that a college campus has to offer.

Supporting School Success

Supporting School Success is one-on-one time that youth spend with their mentor to focus on academics/career. During this time mentees can work on anything from homework, GED study materials and time management skills to building a resume or filling out college applications. Other specialized academic and professional skill building activities are sometimes offered.


Dinner is provided through a partnership with the Weld County Food Bank and is served every week free-of-charge for the youth and mentors. Mentor Families eat together as a "family" to create a healthy dinner atmosphere for the youth.

Mentor Families also take turns serving dinner and cleaning up to build a responsible and engaged Campus Connections community.

Pro-Social Activities

Each week our mentors take turns leading and participating in different activities designed for the youth. These activities are intentionally created to be pro-social and encourage positive recreation and interactions between everyone involved.

Activities change week to week and include a variety of sports, cooking, interactive games, cultural activities, arts and crafts, and more.


Post-Lab is a time for mentors to meet with their course instructor, Mentor Coach, and fellow mentors and debrief about the evening. This is an open forum to discuss success stories as well as possible concerns from the night and receive support from instructors and peers.