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Become a Mentor

Campus Connections is open to all UNC undergraduate and graduate students from all majors and areas of study. Student mentors spend four hours once a week with their mentee in a group setting to provide academic support, career planning and positive social skill development. Mentors assist youth with developing goals while providing an environment conducive to goal attainment.

Advanced graduate students and experienced clinical supervisors from the Department of Applied Psychology and Counselor Education provide support and guidance to the student mentors during Campus Connections to form a collaborative approach and supportive environment for working with youth.

Build Leadership Skills

Campus Connections is a wonderful opportunity for any UNC student who is seeking to bolster their professional helping and leadership skills.

You will receive training on building leadership skills, how to be a mentor and how to work with adolescents, all while gaining direct experience working with youth and attaining a better understanding the juvenile justice system. 

Gain Real-Life Experience

Campus Connections is unlike any other class you will take at UNC. Student mentors are a part of a dynamic team designed to provide academic/career, social, and wellness support to community youth.

As a mentor, you will gain valuable real-life experience, which gives you a competitive edge when applying for jobs, internships, and graduate school.

Make a Difference

As a Campus Connections mentor, you will serve as a positive and supportive role model to your mentee and have the opportunity to create change and make a real difference in your mentee's life.

Mentors and metees have the opportunity to build strong bonds throughout their time at Campus Connections that benefit both you and your youth.