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Mentor Training & Support

We want you to be a successful mentor and get the most out of the Campus Connections experience. To prepare you to become a mentor, experienced instructors provide mentor orientation and training during the first four weeks of the Campus Connections course.

As a Campus Connections Mentor You Will

  • Learn what it means to be a mentor and how to provide mentoring,
  • Gain valuable mentoring skills and experience,
  • Learn how to build strong and supportive interpersonal relationships to foster growth,
  • Build and practice leadership skills,
  • Make strong connections with community youth and other UNC students, and
  • Learn more about youth systems including the juvenile justice system and school systems.

Mentor Families

We work intentionally to create a supportive environment for student mentors where you can learn, grow and thrive as you work with and provide support to youth mentees. This includes grouping mentor-mentee pairs into “Mentor Families,” which are typically comprised of youth in similar developmental and chronological ages, their mentor, and a Mentor Coach.

Mentor Coaches are advanced mentors who provide additional support and guidance to mentors within their Mentor Family. This unique feature of Campus Connections allows youth to positively interact with their peers while benefiting from their primary mentor, their Mentor Coach and a community of caring peers within their Mentor Family.  

Check out the Mentor Nightly Schedule to learn more about what mentors, youth and Mentor Families do each night at Campus Connections.