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Student/Mentor FAQ's

  • Who is eligible for Campus Connections?

    Campus Connections is open to all UNC undergraduate and graduate students from all areas of study. See How to Apply for more information.

  • Who are the community youth participants?

    Community youth participants are youth, 11-18 years old, from Greeley and surrounding areas in Weld County.  Some Campus Connections youth have committed minor criminal offenses (Level 1, such as drug/alcohol possession or vandalism), and others are coping with difficult economic, family, school, social behavior, or other concerns and would benefit from a supportive and encouraging relationship and environment.

  • Who are the Campus Connections mentors?

    Campus Connections mentors are undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Northern Colorado. Mentors come from a variety of majors including Professional Counseling, Counselor Education and Supervision, Counseling Psychology, School Psychology, Psychology, Audiology & Speech Language Pathology, Sociology, Criminal Justice, Human Services, and more.

  • How do I become a Campus Connections mentor/mentor coach?

    UNC students must attend a Mandatory Information Meeting, submit an application and be accepted in order to become a mentor. Mentor coaches must have completed at least one semester of Campus Connections or demonstrate direct experience working with Campus Connections' populations. Apply now.

  • What are the expectations for student mentors at Campus Connections?
    • Attend Campus Connections every week throughout the semester (this includes being on time and staying the entire time from pre-lab to post-lab. See the Mentor Nightly Schedule for more information)
    • Uphold core values and ethics of the Campus Connections Program
    • Have an open and respectful attitude toward diverse viewpoints, perspectives and experiences, including those that may be different from your own
    • Be active and engaged with youth and provide support and encouragement
  • How does Campus Connections set mentors up for success?

    Campus Connections mentors go through training and orientation to prepare them to become successful mentors. Orientation and training are provided during the first four weeks of the semester, prior to beginning the mentor/mentee relationship.

    Campus Connections also provides a multi-tiered support system to ensure student mentor success, including Mentor Coaches, Campus Connections Instructors and Campus Connections Faculty Supervisors.

  • Where does Campus Connections take place?
    Campus Connections takes place on UNC’s Greeley campus in McKee Hall. See our Contact page for more details.
  • What is the Campus Connections nightly schedule?
    Please view the Campus Connections Mentor Nightly Schedule for a detailed schedule.