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Bear Network: Making the Most of LinkedIn

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Chris GarciaChris Garcia
June 26, 2020

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Making the Most of LinkedIn

On June 25, we had the pleasure of connecting with UNC alumna and Alumni Association board member, Jasmine Jones '17. In our conversation, Jasmine provided insight on the importance of utilizing the LinkedIn career platform and engaging fellow alumni on LinkedIn. Watch our full conversation for additional tips on using LinkedIn to expand your professional presence on LinkedIn with fellow UNC Bears.   

Jasmine’s LinkedIn Tips:

  • Make Your Profile POP – Upload a profile picture and a header image that match your professional goals. Create a simple headline that lets others see what you’re all about and write a short description of your skills and experience for contacts to read.  
  • LinkedIn Does A-LOT – You can search employers, job postings, and even fellow alumni who can give you access to the companies and industries you’re pursuing.  
  • Your Career & Profile Are A Work-In-Progress – Even with little professional experience, you can leverage your student employment, internships, skills, and education to fill your profile.  
  • Do Your Research – Before you connect with fellow alumni, reach out to the Center for Career Readiness for help with informational interview questions. Use the time before your informational interview to research the role, the company they work for, and write down a few additional questions.
  • Be Direct – Be clear on why you're reaching out to alumni on LinkedIn. The Bear Network is here to help, and alumni will most likely follow up if you're clear in your intention and authentic in your outreach. 
  • Acknowledge and Respect Schedules – If an alum is busy now, ask if you can schedule time in the future. Give them plenty of time to respond, we all have busy schedules.
  • Stay Top-Of-Mind – Like, comment, and interact with their posts. People share content that matters to them; take this as an opportunity to engage them in discussion.  
  • Use LinkedIn’s Interview Prep – Record yourself answering common interview questions, send your responses to trusted colleagues and mentors, and ask for their advice on bettering your responses. 

Additional Links Referenced In Our Conversation:

Stay Connected

UNC offers various resources and relationships to aid your career development. Put your Bear Network to Work by connecting with fellow UNC alumni on LinkedIn, joining one of our many alumni groups, or reaching out to Alumni Relations staff for support.