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Fund for Faculty Publications

The Fund for Faculty Publications addresses growing demand from UNC faculty for support of publication fees for books, journals, and conference proceedings. Certain book publishers and open access journals are outlets that typically assess these fees, but other traditional journals, especially in the sciences, do as well, and increasingly faculty are paying such charges out of personal funds.  Awards will be made in amounts up to $1,500 to reimburse charges for publication fees paid by faculty members related to books and peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings. Requests for application fees may not exceed $100. Awards will be made on a first-come, first-served basis.  Funding decisions are made by the Fund for Faculty Publications Review Committee.

Notice of intent to apply

Annual Proposal Submission deadlines

  • Notice of Intent due July 24.  Application due  July 31.
  • Notice of Intent due January 24.  Application due January 31.
  • Notice of Intent due April 23.  Application due April 30.

Fund for Faculty Publications Details