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Research Resources

Available Software

Software purchased by the Academic Software Refresh Program. The program purchases software for academic purposes such as classrooms, labs, grants, and research. Much of the software below is available in classroom and lab settings.

Faculty Research Resources - UNC Library

The Faculty Research Resources from UNC Libraries provides faculty researchers with links to select resources and research support services offered by UNC Libraries.

Sage Research Methods

University Libraries offers online access to Sage Research Methods, an innovative online tool designed to provide material to guide users through every step of the research process. Content includes over 1,000 dictionary and encyclopedia entries, book chapters, full books, journal articles and the complete Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences and Qualitative Research Methods series.

Find An Expert

The Find an Expert online directory contains contact information for more than 200 members of the campus community who can share insight for news articles, features and guest speaking opportunities on a wide range of topics related to areas of their expertise. The list is maintained and updated regularly by the Office of Public Relations. If the expert you’re seeking is not listed here, or if you encounter a problem using the online database, please contact Deanna Herbert at (970) 351-1763 or deanna.herbert@unco.edu.