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Provost Award for Travel (PAT)

The Provost Award for Travel supports the cost of travel to present, perform, or exhibit scholarly or creative works, specifically in the form of juried or invited presentations/performances.

Funding is available to full-time instructional faculty members through a competitive internal grant process. 

Proposal Submission Deadlines

General Funding Priorities

Proposal evaluation will give particular consideration to proposals that address the following:

  • Contribute to UNC's national and international exposure by involving peer-reviewed faculty presentations or performances that have already been accepted or invited
  • Promote long-lasting scholarly, professional or artistic development of UNC faculty members as part of a line of published or funded research
  • Contribute to UNC's reputation through faculty involvement in national or international professional organizations through leadership roles
  • Present travel goals in line with the mission of the associated college and UNC 

Internal Award Budget Procedures

The Internal Award Budget Procedures provide a consistent method for handling internal awards to accommodate new university budget guidelines..

Questions about this program should be directed to orsp@unco.edu or to your FRPB College Representative or the FRPB Chairperson.