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Spring 2019 EAS Seminar

Join us for our (THURSDAY) fall seminar series!
Ross Hall 3240, UNC
Refreshments Served at 4:00 pm
Seminar 4:20 – 5:20 pm
Pizza or subs served following each seminar
Speaker Name & Affiliation
Presentation Topic/Title
Jan 17 John Ristvey, Director of Education and Outreach at the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) Paid Summer Research Internships at UCAR/NCAR
Jan 24 Marcus Giron, Education and Outreach Specialist - National Renewable Energy Lab Turn "Huh?" into "Wow!" - Six Ways to Stop Talking and Start Communicating
Jan 31 Matt Rhoades, Certified Professional Geologist Vanadium: The Metal, the Markets, and the Mines that Will Produce It
Feb 7


Brandon McElroy, University of Wyoming


Paleohydraulics - Quantitative Interpretations of Ancient Alluvial Systems

Feb 14 Alan Berryman "What is the source of my water?"
Feb 21 Dr. James Dunn, University of Northern Colorado Ground-truthing Climate Change in the Canadian Arctic (There are Bears in the North!)
Feb 28 Beth Bartel, UNAVCO The Earth is Not Round, and Other Things We Can Learn from Geodesy
Mar 7

(1) Simone Muller

(2) Jake Hooker

UNC Graduate Students in Earth & Atmospheric Sciences

(1) Dating Deformation in the Big Thompson Canyon, Northern Colorado Front Range: Distinguishing Accretionary Orogen Models

(2) Paleoproterzoic Igneous Rocks of the Colorado Front Range as Indidcators of Subduction Zone Processes During Basin Closure and Accretion

Mar 21 Graham Baird, University of Northern Colorado Tectonics of the Rocky Mountains
Mar 28 Mike Nelson, Denver 7News Communicating Weather and Climate - Past, Present, & Future!
Apr 4 Cindy Shellito, University of Northern Colorado Homeward Bound: Experiences in Antarctica
Apr 11 Mandy Manzanares, UNC Graduate Student in Earth & Atmospheric Sciences Alternate Conceptions, Initial Knowledge, and Self-Efficacy of the Novice Geologist Concerning Minerals
Apr 18 Davitia James, UNC Graduate Student in Earth & Atmospheric Sciences Surface Roughness Patterns on Terrestrial and Planetary Lava Flows
Apr 26 POSTERFEST!  Check out Student Posters & Projects! Food! Fun!