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EAS Seminar

Join us for our weekly departmental seminar, held 4:00-5:00pm on Wednesdays.




Jan 20 (moved to Friday due to weather)
Andrea Zonato, University of Trento, Italy
Representing Boundary Layer Turbulence in Complex Terrain
Jan 25
Emmett Evanoff, University of Northern Colorado
Journey to the New Zealand Subantarctic Islands
Feb 1 (weather cancellation)
Feb 8
Chris Vagasky, Vaisala
Measuring the Sky
Feb 15
Byron Straw & Wendilyn Flynn
Current Issues in Geoscience Secondary Education and Higher Education
Feb 22 (weather cancellation)
Dina London, University of Northern Colorado (POSTPONED! -- will occur in April)
Interest and identity development of Female First-Generation Undergraduate Geoscience Students
Mar 1
Graham Baird, University of Northern Colorado
Tectonics of North America, a Colorado Perspective
Mar 8
John Singleton, Colorado State University
Metamorphic Core Complexes of the Western U.S.
Mar 15
Mar 22
Ian Hillenbrand, USGS
Evolving Proterozoic orogenic styles and the height of Colorado's ancient mountains: Insights from chemical mohometry and P-T-t paths
Mar 29
Meteorology Students
Storm Chasing on the Great Plains - May 2022 Trip
Apr 5
Ellen Starck, University of Northern Colorado
An Alternative Biomechanical Approach to the Forelimb Complex of Tyrannosaurus rex and Inference of Forelimb Function
Apr 12
Steve Clark, Envirotech
Apr 19
Emmett Evanoff, UNC Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences
Apr 28 (Friday)
EAS Posterfest!