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EAS Seminar

Join us for our weekly departmental seminar, held 4:00-5:00pm on Wednesday for Spring 2024

Last semester's seminar schedule (Fall 2023) can be found here.

Jan 17

Dr. Viet Nguyen Duc, Hydrologist and lead researcher on integrated water resource management (Division of Water Security, Hanoi, Vietnam)

Jan 24

Dr. Michael Welch, University of Northern Colorado History Department, Colorado and Greeley Water History

Jan 31

Dr. Liam Courtney-Davies, University of Colorado-Boulder

Feb 7

Dr. Ben Abel (UNC MA grad) - Climate Consulting 

Feb 14

Mandy Manzanares, PhD Candidate, University of Northern Colorado, How motivation, self-efficacy, alternative conceptions, and transformative experiences affect students learning of geoscience concepts

Feb 21

Jordan Von Eggers (she/her), PhD Candidate, University of Wyoming, Tracking plankton community changes over the past 400 years in mountain lakes during the onset of fish introduction, climate change, and nitrogen deposition in WY, CA, and WA. 

Feb 28

Dr. JJ Shinker, University of Wyoming, Synoptic and Dynamic Climatology, Paleoclimatology, Hydroclimatology, Environmental Change, Water Resources

Mar 6

Dr. Mario Cordova Mora, University of Cuenca, Ecuador, Climate Change in the Andes  

Mar 20

Jorge Santiago Ramirez, PhD Candidate, University of Colorado-Boulder, Urban Water Management

Mar 27

Dr. Jennifer Mahoney, Director of NOAA ESRL

Apr 3

Stephen Oluwanifemi Oni, PhD Candidate, University of Wyoming

Apr 10

Peter Goble and Dr. Jon Meyer (Colorado and Utah State Climatologist's’ offices)

Apr 17

Dr. Rusty Low, NASA Globe Program Citizen Science

Apr 26

(Friday) Earth and Atmospheric Sciences POSTERFEST - in the hallway on the 3rd floor of Ross.