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For Preceptors

Thank you and welcome to you and your facility as a preceptor and practicum site for the UNC Dietetic Internship. Your commitment to mentoring a soon-to-be professional in the field of dietetics is greatly appreciated.

Communication via telephone, email, or in person is encouraged. Dynamic interaction is essential to the success of this program, so please don’t hesitate to ask questions or provide feedback. Together this will be a rewarding experience for all involved.

Here you will find information necessary to fulfill your responsibilities as a preceptor. The documents and forms found on the website are intended to facilitate your work with the dietetic intern as they complete the practicum experiences. 

Click here to learn more about who can become a preceptor.

If you are interested in receiving CPEUs for being a preceptor, please visit the links below.

Preceptor Resources

Preceptor Training

View PowerPoint presentation to prepare for your role as a Preceptor!

Preceptor Manual

Learn about expectations, evaluations and progress reports for interns.

Characteristics of Effective Preceptors

Evaluate your self-assessment to be an effective preceptor.

Code of Ethics

Follow guidance on dietetics professional practice and conduct.

The eQuality Toolkit

Practical Skills for LGBTQ and DSD-Affected Patient Care

Workman's Compensation

Find policy information and what to do if an intern is injured on the job.

Self-Reported Experiences of Discrimination and Health

Scientific Advances, Ongoing Controversies, and Emerging issues