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Each intern is responsible for the following fees:

  • Professional Liability Insurance fee: varies
  • Health Insurance (personal) fee: varies
  • Additional Insurance (automobile) fee: varies
  • Orientation fee: varies (budget for: transportation to UNC, housing for three nights and food)
  • Tuition: $8400, based on tuition rate of $350/credit for the 2019-20 academic year. Tuition is assessed on a total of 24 online course and practicum credit hours. The registration schedule is based on full-time or part-time status to complete the 24 credit hours in spring or summer. The tuition rate is determined by Extended Campus and approved by the UNC Board of Trustees. The tuition cost is the same if you are a Colorado resident or not. Tuition is subject to change each academic year.
  • UNC Application fee: $50 non-refundable
  • DICAS fee: $45 for first application and $20 for additional applications
  • D&D Digital fee: $55 application fee
  • Textbooks for the 2 online classes that you are required to purchase fee: varies
  • Costs for email access/account fee: varies
  • Postage to mail completed assignments and evaluations to Nikki Withrow at the end of the month fee: varies
  • CDR for registration exam at completion of program application fee: $200

Additional Fees:

  • Facility related requirement fees: varies
  • Basic Drug Screening test:  varies (average cost: $75)
  • Background check: varies

Note: The above represents estimates and should be used as a guide for prospective interns.

Please note: Federal financial aid is not available for the non-degree Dietetic Internship. Applicants may apply to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation’s for scholarships at the same time they apply to the internship program. Limited scholarship funds are available for UNC didactic graduates only. Additionally, several major banking institutions provide educational loans.