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Acceptance Procedure and Notification

  • Preselect Applicants (UNC students and alumni only): 

    All accepted applicants will be notified through email by mid-January and required to accept their admission to the UNCO DI or MSDI within five days of notification. All accepted applicants will be notified that it is contingent upon final transcripts with DPD grades, DPD Verification Statement and confirmed degree. Program will email D&D Digital the preselected individual names with their email addresses by the first week of February. With this information, D&D Digital will match the students to UNCO DI program or MSDI program.

    Accepted Preselect Applicants
    Please note that if you are accepted into the UNCO DI or UNCO MSDI during the pre-select application process, you are NOT eligible to participate in the computer matching process for the spring match. The UNCO DI and UNCO MSDI will provide the names of all pre-selected interns to D&D Digital Systems, Inc. to ensure that accepted interns do not participate in the computer match. 

  • General Admission (Applicants who applied in DICAS) 

    The matching date is early-April. If, you have further questions, please refer to the Important Dates or email us with your question.

    D&D Digital (not the internship program) will notify each applicant of their program matching status one day prior to the appointment date. Applicants must email the director michelle.mcdermott@unco.edu to accept or reject the computer match for this program no later than 5:00 p.m. on the appointment date.

    Applicants are encouraged to accept or decline early on appointment day if they wait until the specific appointment date. If a response is not received within the designated time, the applicant forfeits his/her position.

After Acceptance

  1. You will receive a Welcome email within 2 weeks of acceptance indicating the next steps and how to prepare for the online courses, orientation, and your practicum hours.
  2. You will start the registration process for the online courses you will take prior to the three-day online orientation (DI only).
  3. You will receive a UNC Dietetic Internship Program Handbook after the online courses and before orientation.