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Important Dates

D&D Digital 

Applicants must register online at www.dnddigital.com, pay the computer match fee by credit card and enter contact information.

December 1

Deadline for preselect application (for UNCO students and alumns only)

December 18 5pm MST 

DICAS Application Deadline

(Applications must be submitted by 11:59 pm Central Time)

February 15

D&D Digital Registration Deadline

February 15

Notification Day

April 2

Online Internship Courses*

2 weeks prior to online orientation


The week prior to online orientation

Online Orientation** 

Monday - Wednesday, Last week of June

Earliest Date to Begin Rotations

The day after orientation

Latest Date to Begin Rotations

4 weeks after completion of orientation

Deadline for Completion of Internship Experiences:
Full Time DI:
Part Time DI: 

MSDI to graduate in spring commencement: 

May 1 of the following year
August 1 of the following year

last week of April

Holiday Schedule 

Dependent upon the recognized holidays of the sponsoring facility

*DI standalone only, not MSDI
**DI standalone and 3rd year of MSDI