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The Application Process

  • Thoroughly review the How to Apply document under "Application Forms" for a step-by-step guide on completing your application
  • Review the Important Dates link to ensure you complete all of the required steps according to their due dates
  • Dates for our virtual open houses can be found on the home page
  • Ensure each of the required Application Forms provided below are filled out completely and attached to the supplemental information section in DICAS
  • Thoroughly review the Preceptor and Rotation Information section below for guidance on developing your rotation schedules
  • Additional resources are available for securing preceptors. Some of these include: a list of preceptors, a sample email to potential preceptors, office hours and ongoing guidance from DI director and staff throughout the program. 
  • If, after reviewing the application material and the entirety of the website, you have any questions, please email us at dietetic.internship@unco.edu

Preselection for UNC students and Alumni:

The preselect option is only available to current UNCO DPD students in their senior year or graduates of the UNCO DPD. Preselect applicants will complete the application as outlined in the "How to Apply: Instructions for Preselection (for UNCO students and alumni only)" listed in the Application Forms section below. The preselect applicants can skip application to DICAS and D&D Digital. Applications received in the preselect option offers UNCO DPD students and previous UNCO DPD graduates the opportunity to be selected and notified of their acceptance before the spring computer-matching application process. All preselect applications are due December 18th by 5:00pm MST. Notifications will be sent via email by mid-January.