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MBS Testimonials


“Hands-down, the best aspect of the program is the atmosphere of the biology department and staff. Everyone is so hard-working and accomplished yet so humble and personable. They really care about their students and they helped us every step of the way to achieving what we set out to. I’ve experienced two other schools besides UNC and these professors are the best I’ve had the pleasure to learn from, without a doubt. It makes for such a pleasant environment to work in during a time where your academic skills are pushed to the absolute limit. The program itself is also top-notch. It took my knowledge, work ethic, and time management skills to a whole new level.” Lukas Alexopoulos, MBS, 2014


“Part of the reason I was drawn to the MBS program at UNC was the smaller class size. Having a smaller class size allows for teachers and advisors to focus on each individual student. This was certainly true in my experience at UNC, I did not feel like just another student in the crowd. Teachers and our advisor, Dr. Fisher, were always available to advise on anything whenever we needed. This program will teach you a lot and once you complete it successfully, you will feel confident in your future endeavors. Coming to UNC for a post-bac program in the sciences will give you a good education and surround you with a wonderful community, which I feel are the tools you need to succeed.” Artemis Khazaie, MBS, 2014


"The MBS program at UNC is a great opportunity to work with faculty who are extremely knowledgeable, patient, and concerned about developing individuals who will succeed. This includes inside the classroom and outside. The MBS program can help you improve your academic record, strengthen your application, and gain knowledge that will prepare you for the materials presented by professional schools. This program has been paramount in my preparation for medical school and has given me extreme confidence in myself. I would recommend this program to anyone thinking about applying to a professional school, or even looking for a challenging Masters that will prepare them for careers in research, industry and beyond." Penny, MBS, 2013


"I definitely think this program helped me strengthen my application to medical school. It really let me develop my passion for sciences and allowed me to explore aspects of biology I would not have normally. The faculty really make this program. They were so helpful! They really cared for me as an individual. I connected with them, and they helped me succeed in the program and in getting into medical school." Gabby, MBS, 2012


"After beginning a different graduate program that would not provide the necessary courses to improve my application to medical school, I applied to the MBS program. Upon arrival at UNC I knew this program would be a perfect fit for me. The professors and the material covered in the program definitely increased my knowledge in the biomedical sciences and mimicked professional school far more than an undergraduate pre-health program. Anyone looking to increase their competitiveness or knowledge in the field would do well to join the family at UNC." Randy, MBS, 2012