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Biology programs

Undergraduate programs

Biology minor

If you are pursuing a degree other than biology, you can add a biology minor to broaden your training and enhance your education.

More information about the biology minor

Biology major

Earn a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Biological Sciences.  Focus your studies by choosing from one of the following areas of emphasis:



This emphasis is appropriate for anyone interested in a health-related career in areas such as medicine, dentistry, radiology, podiatry, and many others.



This emphasis is broadly applicable to careers in medicine, research, agriculture, and other areas where a working knowledge of cellular function is required.



This emphasis is ideal for careers in wildlife management, outdoor recreation, the National Park service, and other areas requiring an understanding of the relatedness of life.

Secondary Teaching

Secondary teaching

This emphasis has been designed to meet licensure requirements of the Colorado Department of Education for teaching secondary science (grades 7-12) and also a degree in biology.

More information about the biology major