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The Biology Major

Contact:  School of Biological Sciences, 970-351-2921 or biology@unco.edu

University catalogs:  http://unco.smartcatalogiq.com/

Program overview


General information

This program leads to a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Biological Sciences.

In pursuit of your degree, you will take classes that fit into four different categories:

  1. Required biology courses: a core of courses that all biology students take, a set of specialized courses depending on your emphasis within biology, and elective biology courses.
  2. Required supporting courses: mathematics, chemistry, physics, and other courses that help to provide the foundation for a well rounded and comprehensive degree.
  3. Liberal arts core (LAC): courses that used to be called "General Education" that provide the foundation for the liberal arts education at UNC. A total of 40 credits are required, plus additional PTEP credits (Professional Teacher Education Program) for the Secondary Teaching emphasis.
  4. University-wide electives: courses in any area or field of study of your choice.

Emphasis areas

You can choose from among four different emphasis areas described below. The detailed requirements for each emphasis are listed in the university catalog.

The prehealth and biomedical sciences emphasis

The prehealth and biomedical sciences emphasis is intended for premed and other students with an interest in human and animal health professions. This program meets the minimal requirements for admittance to most medical, dental, veterinary and other professional schools of health science.

A strong science and mathematics background from high school or introductory courses at UNC will help you to succeed in this program.

After successfully completing your UNC prehealth biology degree you will be prepared for admission to medical, veterinary, dentistry, chiropractic, or paramedical professional programs. You will also be prepared to continue your education in a wide range of research-based graduate programs as diverse as microbiology and human physiology. Additionally, this would also be an appropriate emphasis if you are interested in working in health communication, pharmaceutical sales, hospitals, biotechnology, or government laboratories such as the Centers for Disease Control.

Plan to graduate in four years using a four year worksheet.

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